The Studio Tour

Dates: 1964 – present

Happy 60th Anniversary Studio Tour!

The signature attraction of Universal Studios Hollywood, from the first days of the studio.

A typical tour lasts around 45 minutes, and includes a number of attractions (see below) as well as a drive through the Front Lot and Backlot of the studio. 
Wait times vary through the day – try to take the tour before mid-morning if you can. It also quietens down towards the end of the day. 

For a more in-depth tour experience, along with front-of-the-line access to theme park attractions, and wonderful food, check out the VIP Experience for you and your party. 

Timeline Drive – pass Fire Station 51  
enter The Front Lot (35 soundstages)
Metropolitan Area (including New York StreetBrownstone StreetCourthouse Square
King Kong 360 3-D Created by Peter Jackson 

Currently not on the tour due to construction work

Picture Cars 
Jurassic Park Sets 

Flash Flood
Mexican Street 
Six Points Texas
Home and Family Set 
Underwater Tank
Denver Street
Little Europe / Court of Miracles
Mediterranean Square
Earthquake – The Big One
Chicken Ranch
Colonial Street / Wisteria Lane  (if not in use for filming)
War of the Worlds Set
Log Cabin
Psycho House
Bates Motel
Prop Plaza (photo opportunities and tram stop, as part of 60th Anniversary)
Falls Lake
Jupiter’s Claim
Fast and Furious: Supercharged 

You can also find out about past attractions that could be seen on the Studio Tour in years gone by. 

// Tour Hosts // History of the Studio Tour // Trams

The Studio Tour is led by a team of guides who learn a complex script covering the history of Universal, and have to operate the on-tram screens and audio, and be able to fill in with interesting information if there are delays on the tour. 
Among former hosts are:

  • John Badham (Director of Saturday Night Fever & WarGames)
  • Michael Ovitz (Talent Agent)