Log Cabin

This wooden structure was built for ‘The Great Outdoors’ with John Candy and Dan Ackroyd (1988) and was also featured in ABC’s ‘Coach’. It’s believed it was first built at Jaws Lake, was then moved to old Falls Lake (see plan below), where the ‘Jurassic Park III’ Site B set still stands behind the ‘War of the Worlds’ plane crash site set. It was then moved to Falls Lake, presumably when the Jurassic Park III sets were built. It remained there until 2022, when it was moved back to the old Falls Lake location, after the Jurassic Park III sets were finally removed (they’d been run-down / partially collapsed for many years), to make room for Jupiter’s Claim sets. 

Video – The Log Cabin being moved in 2021

Video: The Log Cabin in it’s second location at Old Falls Lake

Seen on Screen: Universal Studios Hollywood [Log_Cabin]

The Great Outdoors [Feature Film]1988Howard DeutchIMDB Database page about The Great Outdoors
Log Cabin
Tales from the Crypt [TV Series]1989-1996IMDB Database page about Tales from the Crypt
The Log Cabin at Falls Lake was featured in Season 2 Episode 5
Coach [TV Series]1989-1997Barry KempIMDB Database page about Coach
Stage 43, Log Cabin at Falls Lake
Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult [Feature Film]1994Peter SegalIMDB Database page about Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult
Log Cabin
Desperate Housewives [TV Series]2004 - 2012Marc CherryIMDB Database page about Desperate Housewives
Colonial Street and Elm Street as well as Stage 01 [production of season 3 started on Stage 1 then moved to other stages including larger Stage 41], Stage 03, Stage 04, Stage 05. In Season 1 Episode 18 the Log Cabin appeared as Camp Hennessey. Colonial Street sets featured: Delta House, Munster House, Harvey House, Hardy House, Dana House, Burbs House, Providence House, Cleaver House
Shooter [Feature Film]2007Antoine FuquaIMDB Database page about Shooter
Falls Lake log cabin was blown up in a major stunt sequence.