Mexican Street

The Old Mexico area includes the Flash Flood effect village and is frequently used on screen.
Situated between the Flash Flood and Six Points Texas the area can be easily redressed to look completely different on screen.


Stunt Show

Following the June 2008 Backlot Fire, which destroyed New York Street & the old King Kong attraction, there was a stunt show at Mexican Street to keep tour guests entertained. 

Seen on Screen: Universal Studios Hollywood [Mexico]

Alias Smith and Jones [TV Series]1971-1973Glen A. LarsonIMDB Database page about Alias Smith and Jones
Denver Street, Old Mexico, Six Points Texas, Train Station, Stage 36
The Magnificent Seven Ride [Feature Film]1972George McCowanIMDB Database page about The Magnificent Seven Ride
Old Mexico, Mediterranean Square
Masada [TV Series]1981IMDB Database page about Masada
Old Mexico appeared as Ancient Jerusalem in opening scenes, and sets were later seen on fire.
Simon and Simon [TV Series]1981-1989Philip DeGuereIMDB Database page about Simon and Simon
Colonial Street, Courthouse Square, New York Street, Elm Street (as Industrial Street), Old Mexico, Six Points Texas, all on the Universal Studios backlot. Stage 25
Voyagers! [TV Series]1982-1983James D. ParriottIMDB Database page about Voyagers!
Colonial Street, Denver Street, Little Europe, Train Station, Mediterranean Square, Old Mexico, Square of Warriors, Collapsing Bridge (pilot)
North and South [TV Series]1985IMDB Database page about North and South
Old Mexico
Amazing Stories [TV Series]1985-1987Steven SpielbergIMDB Database page about Amazing Stories
Colonial Street [various episodes, including Santa 85 which featured the entire street covered in fake snow], Old Mexico [as The Alamo in 1985 episode Alamo Jobe]
Three Amigos [Feature Film]1986John LandisIMDB Database page about Three Amigos
Mediterranean Square, Old Mexico
Fletch Lives [Feature Film]1989Michael RitchieIMDB Database page about Fletch Lives
Old Mexico, Flash Flood attraction (Studio Tour) appeared as the Noahs Ark ride at Bibleland.
Janet Jackson: Escapade [Music Video]1990
Old Mexico and the adjacent Flash Flood area feature in this video
Message from Nam [TV Series]1993Paul WendkosIMDB Database page about Message from Nam
Old Mexico
What's Love Got To Do With It [Feature Film]1993Brian GibsonIMDB Database page about What
Old Mexico
Seaquest DSV [TV Series]1993-1996Rockne S. OIMDB Database page about Seaquest DSV
Stage 28 (underwater sequences done in the pit), Stage 50, Underwater Tank, Old Mexico, Little Europe
E.R. [TV Series]1994-2009Michael CrichtonIMDB Database page about E.R.
Old Mexico
The Lost World: Jurassic Park [Feature Film]1997Steven SpielbergIMDB Database page about The Lost World: Jurassic Park
Old Mexico, Stage 12, Stage 22 [Worker Village kiln house & shed], Stage 24 [T Rex stage - sets were build around the dinosaurs which ran on tracks], Stage 25 [Full size T Rex scenes. The T Rexs were so large they could not be moved from Stage 25 once assembled - the sets had to be built and moved around them], Stage 27 [Gatherers base camp], Stage 28
Bailamos: Enrique Iglesias [Music Video]1999Nigel Dick
Old Mexico
Monk [TV Series]2002-2009VariousIMDB Database page about Monk
Various episodes shot on New York Street and Elm Street on the backlot. Season 2 Episode 2 Mr Monk Goes to Mexico was shot on the Old Mexico sets adjacent to the Flash Flood.
Without a Trace [TV Series]2002-2009Hank SteinbergIMDB Database page about Without a Trace
Old Mexico
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl [Feature Film]2003Gore VerbinskiIMDB Database page about Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Old Mexico (as Tortuga, shot during December 2002), Falls Lake, Little Europe (as Port Royal), including the exterior of Will's workshop.
The O.C. [TV Series]2003-2007Josh SchwartzIMDB Database page about The O.C.
Old Mexico [as Tijuana]
House [TV Series]2004-2012David ShoreIMDB Database page about House
New York Street [coach crash episode], Old Mexico backlot.
Criminal Minds [TV Series]2005-Jeff DavisIMDB Database page about Criminal Minds
New York Street (April 2012), Old Mexico (2016)
Nacho Libre [Feature Film]2006Jared HessIMDB Database page about Nacho Libre
Old Mexico, Flash Flood
Heroes [TV Series]2006-2010Tim KringIMDB Database page about Heroes
Little Europe (as India), Freeway Park (Season 4), Stage 33, Stage 34, Stage 37, Stage 43
Old Mexico and Elm Street (fire) (Season 2, Episode 8)
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull [Feature Film]2008Steven SpielbergIMDB Database page about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Falls Lake, Old Mexico (as Peru), Freeway Park, Stage 27 [Cemetary where Indy and Mutt find the Crystal Skull], Stage 29 [Indy's house]
Community [TV Series]2009Dan HarmonIMDB Database page about Community
Old Mexico
Hop [Feature Film]2011Tim HillIMDB Database page about Hop
China scenes were shot on the Old Mexico backlot sets. Existing arches were modified to make them circular.
Lady Gaga: Judas [Music Video]2011Laurieann Gibson
Old Mexico area and Flash Flood for flood sequence.
Shameless (US) [TV Series]2011-Paul AbbottIMDB Database page about Shameless (US)
Old Mexico
Westworld (HBO) [TV Series]2016-2022IMDB Database page about Westworld (HBO)
Little Europe, Old Mexico (Season 1, Episode 5, as the town of Pariah), Stage 41