Jupiter’s Claim

Opened July 22, 2022, timed to open the same day as Jordan Peele’s movie Nope

This is a drive-through attraction on the Studio Tour consisting of some of the ‘Jupiter’s Claim’ theme park sets used on screen in Jordan Peele’s hugely impressive sci-fi horror Nope. The sets have been rebuilt at Falls Lake on the Universal Backlot in the area formerly occupied by the Log Cabin

As well as the physical sets, there’s also a hugely atmospheric soundtrack, using some of the audio from the movie – if you’ve seen it (no spoilers!) you’ll know how important sound is to your immersion in the story. 

In June 2023 the sets were closed to the tour for refurbishment. 

The Log Cabin on the move:


CinemaBlend article (7 July 2022)

Trailer for the movie