Brownstone Street

The New York Street area has been used in countless productions over the years. It’s been rebuilt after fires in 1957, 1990, and 2008, and frequently changes appearance as required by the production work at the time.
Until 2008, Brownstone Street had two sides; residential and business. Just by turning the camera around, you were in another part of town! 
Following the rebuild of the Metropolitan sets, the business side has been removed, and a large park area has been created opposite the residential brownstones.

Brownstone Street (before 2008 fire)


Scene from Bruce Almighty, shot in a soundstage then cutting to exteriors on Brownstone Street in 2007

Brownstone Street (rebuilt after the 2008 fire)

Seen on Screen: Universal Studios Hollywood [Brownstone_Street]

Thoroughly Modern Millie [Feature Film]1967George Roy HillIMDB Database page about Thoroughly Modern Millie
Stage 12 (Muzzy Estate), Stage 22, Stage 27, Stage 28 were the soundstages used. The Paris Opera House sets on Stage 28 were used for the theatre sequence. Many exterior scenes were shot on New York Street and Brownstone Street. The Square of Warriors embassy buildings featured as Carol Channing / Muzzy's house.
Sweet Charity [Feature Film]1968Bob FosseIMDB Database page about Sweet Charity
The Central Park bridge built for the movie still exists (as a shell) behind the King Kong Model Ship adjacent to Park Lake. This was before the Red Sea effect was built for the Studio Tour, so the area was very different then.
Brownstone Street, Stage 12, Stage 27
Change of Habit [Feature Film]1969William A. GrahamIMDB Database page about Change of Habit
The church on New York Street featured in this movie musical. Brownstone Street is also featured.
Airport [Feature Film]1970George SeatonIMDB Database page about Airport
Brownstone Street featured when Van Heflin enters Maureen Stapleton's cafe to borrow money for his plane ticket.
Stage 22, Stage 24, Stage 28 (special effects stage - flying miniatures)
The scene where the plane is stuck on the snowbound runway was shot on the Barham Blvd parking lot on the Universal front lot.
Lady Sings The Blues [Feature Film]1972Sidney J. FurieIMDB Database page about Lady Sings The Blues
Brownstone Street
The Sting [Feature Film]1973George Roy HillIMDB Database page about The Sting
Brownstone Street and New York Street feature as Old Chicago. The theater on the south side of New York Street featured as the exterior of the Burlesque Theater, and an elevated rail track was built to run above the street. The Paris Opera House sets on Stage 28 were used for the theater interior scenes. Stage 12, Stage 22, Stage 23, Stage 24, Stage 27 and Stage 32 were also used.
The Six Million Dollar Man [TV Series]1974-1978IMDB Database page about The Six Million Dollar Man
New York Street, Stage 06, Stage 30, Ice Tunnel (Studio Tour)
Big Brother episode shot on Brownstone Street (1976)
Season 5, Episode 10 (1977) Target Steve Austin. While the Collapsing Bridge remains level, some of the boards break loose causing an RV to get stuck. Steve Austin has to climb down to the base of the bridge to shore it up and free the RV.
79 Park Avenue [TV Movie]1977Paul WendkosIMDB Database page about 79 Park Avenue
Brownstone Street featured in this 6 hour TV mini-series.
Xanadu [Feature Film]1980Robert GreenwaldIMDB Database page about Xanadu
Brownstone Street (Business side), Stage 28 (fantasy sequence of bands meshing)
Annie [Feature Film]1982John HustonIMDB Database page about Annie
Annie finds her dog Sandy on Brownstone Street. New York Street is also featured.
City Heat [Feature Film]1984Richard BenjaminIMDB Database page about City Heat
New York Street (as Kansas City), Brownstone Street
Murder She Wrote [TV Series]1984-1996VariousIMDB Database page about Murder She Wrote
"Incident on Lot 7" - Season 8, Episode 13 (1992) - Psycho House
"Jessica Behind Bars" - Season 2, Episode 9 (1985) - Square of Warriors / Spartacus Square Embassy building appears as the Prison exterior.
"Hooray for Homicide" - Season 1, Episode 3 (1984) - Front Lot & Studio Tour
Colonial Street, New York Street (as London), Tower of London set (as an amusement park), Little Europe (unknown episodes)
Elm Street (as Industrial Street), Singapore Lake (Jaws Lake) appeared in the opening titles as Cabot Cove, Maine.
"To Kill A Legend" (Season 11 Episode 3, October 1994) Circle Drive on Colonial Street is featured prominently as the location for the battle re-enactment. The Colonial Street Church is seen in many shots.
"Seal of the Confessional" - Season 6 Episode 2 (1989) - Colonial Street Church appears in the opening sequence. Jaws Lake appears as Cabot Cove.
Stage 20 [pilot], Stage 22, Stage 25 (interior Jessica Fletcher's house), Stage 29, the backlot Train Station appeared in one episode.
Episode The Murder Channel (Season 11, Episode 6) features Brownstone Street and New York Street prominently. (1994)
"Judge Not" (Season 8 Episode 6) Shot in 1991 - featured the Embassy buildings in the Square of Warriors and Little Europe on the backlot.
Michael Jackson: Smooth Criminal [Music Video]1988Colin ChilversIMDB Database page about Michael Jackson: Smooth Criminal
Extensive shooting around Little Europe, New York Street and Brownstone Street sets
Moonwalker [Feature Film]1988Jerry Kramer, Jim Blashfield, Colin Chilvers IMDB Database page about Moonwalker
The Smooth Criminal sequence was shot on Brownstone Street, Little Europe and in the New York Street area.
The Women of Brewster Place [TV Movie]1989Donna DeitchIMDB Database page about The Women of Brewster Place
Brownstone Street features heavily as Brewster Place
Quantum Leap [TV Series]1989-1993Donald P. BellisarioIMDB Database page about Quantum Leap
Brownstone Street, New York Street, Collapsing Bridge (Studio Tour)
Seinfeld [TV Series]1990-1998Jerry Seinfeld, Larry DavidIMDB Database page about Seinfeld
Brownstone Street featured in the episode where Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer get trapped in a parade day celebration.
Underwater Tank
FX2 [Feature Film]1991Richard FranklinIMDB Database page about FX2
Brownstone Street
Michael Jackson: Black or White [Music Video]1991John LandisIMDB Database page about Michael Jackson: Black or White
Brownstone Street [rap sequence], Colonial Street Hardy Boys House [opening]
Home Alone 2: Lost In New York [Feature Film]1992Chris ColumbusIMDB Database page about Home Alone 2: Lost In New York
Although much of the movie was shot on location in New York, the special effects and stunt sequences meant it made more sense for the exteriors for Rob McAllister's house in New York to be shot on Brownstone Street. This is the home of Kevin's (Macauley Culkin) uncle which is being refurbished, and which Kevin uses to trap the bad guys.
NYPD Blue [TV Series]1993-2005Steven Bochco, David MilchIMDB Database page about NYPD Blue
Brownstone Street (Armored Car Robbery), New York Street
The Shadow [Feature Film]1994Russell MulcahyIMDB Database page about The Shadow
Stage 29, Brownstone Street, New York Street, Square of Warriors (Alec Baldwin's mansion)
A Walk in the Clouds [Feature Film]1995Alfonso ArauIMDB Database page about A Walk in the Clouds
Brownstone Street
Zooman [TV Movie]1995Leon IchasoIMDB Database page about Zooman
Brownstone Street
JAG [TV Series]1995-2005Donald P. BellisarioIMDB Database page about JAG
Brownstone Street, Little Europe
The Pretender [TV Series]1996-2000Steven Long Mitchell, Craig W. Van SickleIMDB Database page about The Pretender
Brownstone Street
House of Frankenstein [TV Movie]1997Peter WernerIMDB Database page about House of Frankenstein
Brownstone Street
Mafia! [Feature Film]1997Jim AbrahamsIMDB Database page about Mafia!
Court of Miracles, Brownstone Street
Ally McBeal [TV Series]1997-2002David E. KelleyIMDB Database page about Ally McBeal
Brownstone Street / New York Street sets on the backlot.
End of Days [Feature Film]1999Peter HyamsIMDB Database page about End of Days
Brownstone Street. Also, the exploding restaurant was built (and blown up) on the backlot.
Cast Away [Feature Film]2000Robert ZemeckisIMDB Database page about Cast Away
Brownstone Street
The District [TV Series]2000Terry George, Jack MapleIMDB Database page about The District
Brownstone Street
The Time Machine [Feature Film]2002Simon WellsIMDB Database page about The Time Machine
Brownstone Street
Bruce Almighty [Feature Film]2003Tom ShadyacIMDB Database page about Bruce Almighty
Brownstone Street, Courthouse Square, Falls Lake, New York Street on the backlot and Stage 01, Stage 19, Stage 29, Stage 41.
Nintendo DS [Commercial]2005
The Collapsing Bridge featured (not collapsing at all) in a UK Nintendo DS advert, December 2005 (the advert also used Courthouse Square and Brownstone Street)
The Prestige [Feature Film]2006Christopher NolanIMDB Database page about The Prestige
Brownstone Street and New York Street on the Universal Studios Hollywood backlot were extensively re-dressed to portray the London Street scenes.
The movie was in production January 16 - April 9 2006.
Ford Kuga - Blank Canvas [Commercial]2008Nicolai Fuglsig
New York Street and Brownstone Street
Superhero Movie [Feature Film]2008Craig MazinIMDB Database page about Superhero Movie
Brownstone Street, New York Street
Chris Brown: Yeah 3x [Music Video]2010
Brownstone Street and New York Street on the backlot
The Mindy Project [TV Series]2012-2017Mindy KalingIMDB Database page about The Mindy Project
Stage 27, New York Street set, Brownstone Street (apartment located here), Elm Street
Gone Girl [Feature Film]2014David FincherIMDB Database page about Gone Girl
The house that Nick and Amy move out of in New York was on Brownstone Street on the backlot.
Billie Eilish Amazon Prime Concert [TV Special]2021
Brownstone Street area (as Paris) and New York Street sets