DIRECTED BY: Todd Holland

Luke Edwards - JIMMY WOODS
Fred Savage - COREY WOODS
Christian Slater - NICK WOODS

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1989 movie shot on and around the studio and theme park. Part of Spartacus Square features as the venue for a video game competition. The lead actors end up all over the backlot and trams trying to evade capture, and even sneak into the basement of the King Kong attraction, where you can see the mechanisms for moving Kong and the sliding tram bridge.

Although the film's no classic, the Universal sequences make it of great interest. Anyone familiar with the current state of the video game industry will enjoy a laugh at what was state-of-the art in 1989.

See King Kong photo gallery 2 for lots of stills from the movie and a video excerpt from the climactic chase scene through the King Kong attraction.



The Wizard (1989)
The remaining house from To Kill A Mockingbird, on the backlot in the late 1960s.
Poster for 'So Goes My Love'
Set for 'So Goes My Love' under construction on Stage 12, 1945. It's now more commonly known as the 'Harvey' house.
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