BBC Television Centre

BBC LogoBBC Television Centre, Wood Lane, Shepherds Bush, London

Tours were available of BBC TV Centre until around 2012, when TV Centre was sold. They’re no longer available, even though part of the building is still used as a TV studio. 

BBC sale of TV Centre
The BBC is reportedly planning to sell TV Centre in 2013 in an effort to cut costs. Production will be moved to other facilities. Many departments (including BBC Childrens TV and BBC Sport) will be relocated to MediaCity in Manchester; a 200-acre site at Salford Quays.


BBC TV Centre (known as TVC) opened 29th June 1960, after six years of construction. 
On opening day, there was still a great deal of the project left to build – the whole site was not completed for a few more years. 
The new state-of-the-art building was a huge improvement after cramped conditions in Alexandra Palace and Lime Grove Studios.
The site on which TVC was built was used for the 1908 Franco-British exhibition.

Chief Architect: Graham Dawbarn
Civil Engineer (BBC): Marmaduke Tudsbury

2001 – Bomb
The building was damaged by a car bomb located outside Television Centre in March 2001. Staff evacuated the premises and no-one was injured.The attack was attributed to dissident Irish Republicans.

Facilities (to 2012)

  • Studio Zero
  • Studio One (10,250sq.ft.) – Known as TC1. UK’s largest fully equipped HD television studio
  • Studio Two (3,500sq.ft.)
  • Studio Three (8,000sq.ft.)
  • Studio Four (8,000sq.ft.) – Regular home of ‘Blue Peter’.
  • Studio Six (8,000sq.ft.) – UK’s first 1080 50P HD studio (August 2010)
  • Studio Eight (8,000sq.ft.) – Known as the ‘comedy’ studio – used for many classic BBC comedies including Fawlty Towers, Monty Python, Blackadder etc.
  • Studio Nine
  • Studio Ten
  • Studio Eleven
  • Studio Twelve
  • Over 60 dressing rooms, including six Hollywood-style “Super-Star Rooms”
  • 8 production offices
  • 6 green rooms

Birth of a Building

Tales of Television Centre (broadcast in 2012)

Productions shot at BBC Television Centre

TV Series (29)

TitleReleasedCreator / ShowrunnerIMDB
Miranda2009-2015Juliet MayIMDB Database page about Miranda
Genius2009-John L. Spencer IMDB Database page about Genius
Coming of Age2007-Nick Wood, David SantIMDB Database page about Coming of Age
The Alan Titchmarsh Show2007 - IMDB Database page about The Alan Titchmarsh Show
Studio TC4
Not Going Out2006-2010Alex Hardcastle, Nick WoodIMDB Database page about Not Going Out
The Thick Of It2005-2012Armando IannucciIMDB Database page about The Thick Of It
8 Out of 10 Cats2005 - IMDB Database page about 8 Out of 10 Cats
Mock the Week2005 - VariousIMDB Database page about Mock the Week
Paul O'Grady Show, The 2004-2009VariousIMDB Database page about Paul O
Strictly Come Dancing2004 - IMDB Database page about Strictly Come Dancing
Studio TC1
Harry Hill's TV Burp2002 - Peter OrtonIMDB Database page about Harry Hill
2001 - 2009 at Teddington Studios. From 2009 at BBC TV Centre. Series 10 is shot in TC4.
Friday Night with Jonathan Ross2001-2010VariousIMDB Database page about Friday Night with Jonathan Ross
Recorded in Studio TC4. Made in HD between 2009 and 2010.
Never Mind the Buzzcocks1996 - VariousIMDB Database page about Never Mind the Buzzcocks
The Vicar of Dibley1994-2020Richard CurtisIMDB Database page about The Vicar of Dibley
Absolutely Fabulous1992-2004Bob Spiers, Dewi Humphreys, Christine GernonIMDB Database page about Absolutely Fabulous
House of Eliott, The1991-1994VariousIMDB Database page about House of Eliott, The
This was the last major drama series to be shot at TV Centre. Subsequent productions were shot on either film or single camera video on location, as equipment became smaller and technology improved.
Casualty1986-Jeremy Brock, Paul UnwinIMDB Database page about Casualty
Season 1 filmed interiors at BBC TV Centre. Season 2 - 25 filmed in an industrial unit on Waterloo Road in Bristol. Exteriors were filmed in Bristol until Season 26. The exterior of the A&E unit was Gate 3 at City of Bristol College Seasons 1 - 17.
The Invisible Man1984Brian LighthillIMDB Database page about The Invisible Man
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy1981Alan J.W. BellIMDB Database page about The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
A single day (28 October 1980) was used just for filming models for episodes 2-6.
Grange Hill1978-2008Phil RedmondIMDB Database page about Grange Hill
1978 - 1985: Interiors filmed at BBC TV Centre. Exteriors were shot at various real schools around London.
Blakes 71978 - 1981VariousIMDB Database page about Blakes 7
Shot on film at Ealing Studios and on tape at BBC TV Centre (from November 1977).
The Good Life1975 - 1978John Howard DaviesIMDB Database page about The Good Life
TC6, shot in front of a live audience of around 300 people.
Fawlty Towers1975John Howard Davies (s1), Bob Spiers (s2)IMDB Database page about Fawlty Towers
Studio TC4
The Two Ronnies1971 - 1987IMDB Database page about The Two Ronnies
All programmes were taped on Stage 08 at BBC TV Centre in front of a live studio audience of around 300 people.
Monty Python's Flying Circus1969-1974Ian MacNaughton, John Howard DaviesIMDB Database page about Monty Python
Top of the Pops1964-2016IMDB Database page about Top of the Pops
Doctor Who (classic)1963 - 1989VariousIMDB Database page about Doctor Who (classic)
Filmed at BBC TV Centre between 1964 and 1989. Almost all of Jon Pertwee's studio scenes were shot here. The new Doctor Who is produced by BBC Wales in their own studios.
That Was The Week That Was1962-1963Ned SherrinIMDB Database page about That Was The Week That Was
Blue Peter1958 - presentVariousIMDB Database page about Blue Peter
Children's magazine show. The first few years were shot at Lime Grove Studios. The show has buried time-capsules at TV Centre (for excavation in 2029) and at the Greenwich Millennium Dome site (to be recovered in 2050). The Blue Peter garden (from 1974) is adjacent to the staff canteen.

TV Special (1)

Eurovision Song Contest 19631963Yvonne LittlewoodIMDB Database page about Eurovision Song Contest 1963
Presenter Katie Boyle, the scoreboard and the audience were in one studio. Performers and the orchestra were in another.