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Three Broomsticks™ is a rustic tavern where visitors to Hogsmeade™ can come to share a pint of Butterbeer™ or pumpkin juice™ and dine on hearty fare. In this restaurant you can choose from such main courses as The Great Feast, fish & chips, shepherd’s pie, Cornish pasties, turkey legs and fresh vegetables. Children’s menu items include chicken, macaroni and cheese, fish & chips, and chicken quarters, each served with grapes and red fried potatoes. Dessert choices include baked apple pie, Strawberry and Peanut-Butter ice cream, and Butterbeer™ potted cream. 
At the rear of the Three Broomsticks™ tavern is the Hog’s Head™ pub. Here the family can enjoy Butterbeer™, pumpkin juice™ and other beverages while adults sample the pub’s selection of domestic and imported beers, speciality drinks, wines, spirits and mixed drinks.
From Universal Studios Hollywood Wizarding World website, April 2016. 

The breakfast menu is served in the morning, with a larger range opening up at lunchtime (times to be confirmed).

The restaurant is busy, and there’s a queue outside to join before you can enter. On entering, you join another queue where you give your order to a cashier, then wait a couple of minutes for your meal to be prepared. You then have to find a table.

Due to the high quality of the food (in comparison to normal theme park fare) the short wait is definitely worth it.

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