The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

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Dates: April 2016 – present

The Wizarding World has proved to be a huge success at Universal Studios Hollywood. Representing a $500 million investment, this section of the park is immersive and full of magic for all of the wizards in your family. Arriving early (close to opening times) or late (within a few hours of park closing) is the best way to approach the attractions. The evening option also means you’ll experience the added dimension of darkness and the twinkling lights of Hogsmeade. 


Links to pages about the attractions within the Wizarding World

Food and Drink

Where (and what) to eat in Hogsmeade

Hints and Tips

How to make the most out of your visit

Video Clips

See how wonderful the Wizarding World looks, in preparation for your visit, and view past TV adverts.

Articles, Press Releases and Official Photos

Press stories, information released to the press along with publicity artwork and photos

Launch and Rehearsal / Opening Events

Photos and Video footage of the events leading up to the opening of the Wizarding World on 7th April 2016

Construction and Development

Photos of the construction process and information about what was in the area before the Wizarding World took shape