Colonial Mansion

Built for the classic ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ (1927), this mansion has been seen in ‘Written on the Wind’, appeared as the Sanitorium in ‘Harvey’, and as the exterior of Applegate Manor in ‘Casper’.

Prior to 1981, the mansion was, along with the rest of Colonial Street, at the northern edge of the backlot. During this period it was known as the Shelby Mansion (after the characters who lived there in Uncle Tom’s Cabin’.

In 1950, the Colonial mansion was moved from its Uncle Tom’s Cabin location to an area next to the river channel, becoming the first facade on the newly constructed Colonial Street.

In 1980, the mansion was moved to an area next to Park Lake, to make room on the former Colonial Street site for the Production Bungalows which were in turn being moved from their former home nearer the Front Lot.

The mansion was moved to it’s final location in 1981 along with the rest of the Colonial Street sets.

The mansion was removed from Colonial Street and destroyed in 2005 as part of ‘Desperate Housewives’ second season expansion.

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Seen on Screen: Universal Studios Hollywood [Colonial_Mansion]

Uncle Tom's Cabin [Feature Film]1927Harry A. PollardIMDB Database page about Uncle Tom
Stage 28, Colonial Street (Colonial Mansion)
Harvey [Feature Film]1950Henry KosterIMDB Database page about Harvey
Colonial Street including what is now known as the Harvey House and the Colonial Mansion. Interiors were shot on Stage 12, Stage 20, Stage 23.
Written on the Wind [Feature Film]1956Douglas SirkIMDB Database page about Written on the Wind
Colonial Mansion on Colonial Street, Stage 25
Casper [Feature Film]1995Brad SilberlingIMDB Database page about Casper
Colonial Street, Colonial Mansion, Stage 12 (interior of Whipstaff Manor), Stage 28, Singapore Lake