Colonial Street – The Thrill Of It All House

Originally named ‘Dana Home’ after the family of Deanna Durbin in 1941’s ‘Nice Girl’.
Featured in the Ronald Reagan movie ‘Bedtime for Bonzo’ (1951) and ‘The Thrill of it All’ (1963) with James Garner and Doris Day.

This is 4355 Wisteria Lane, the home of the Scavo family (1998–present) on Desperate Housewives.

Seen on Screen: Universal Studios Hollywood [Dana]

Nice Girl? [Feature Film]1941William A. SeiterIMDB Database page about Nice Girl?
Colonial Street - the Dana house is named after Deanna Durbin's character in this movie.
Bedtime for Bonzo [Feature Film]1951Frederick De CordovaIMDB Database page about Bedtime for Bonzo
The Dana house on Colonial Street was the home of Ronald Reagan's character in this movie.
The Thrill of It All [Feature Film]1963Norman JewisonIMDB Database page about The Thrill of It All
The Dana house exterior set featured in the movie can still be seen on Colonial Street to this day.
Desperate Housewives [TV Series]2004 - 2012Marc CherryIMDB Database page about Desperate Housewives
Colonial Street and Elm Street as well as Stage 01 [production of season 3 started on Stage 1 then moved to other stages including larger Stage 41], Stage 03, Stage 04, Stage 05. In Season 1 Episode 18 the Log Cabin appeared as Camp Hennessey. Colonial Street sets featured: Delta House, Munster House, Harvey House, Hardy House, Dana House, Burbs House, Providence House, Cleaver House