Stage 2

Stage 2 was built in 1935/36.

Seen on Screen: Warner Bros Studios [Stage_02]

The Left Handed Gun [Feature Film]1958Arthur PennIMDB Database page about The Left Handed Gun
Laramie Street, Stage 02, Stage 27., Stage 27A, Stage 28., Stage 28A
America America [Feature Film]1963Elia KazanIMDB Database page about America America
Stage 02, Stage 16
The F.B.I. [TV Series]1965-1974IMDB Database page about The F.B.I.
Stage 02, Stage 14, Stage 17, Stage 19. The cabin on the Jungle set was built for this project.
The Bill Cosby Show [TV Series]1969-1971Bill Cosby, Ed. Weinberger, Michael ZagorIMDB Database page about The Bill Cosby Show
Stage 02, Stage 06, Stage 09
The Court-Martial of George Armstrong Custer [TV Movie]1977Glenn JordanIMDB Database page about The Court-Martial of George Armstrong Custer
Stage 02
V Miniseries [TV Movie]1983Kenneth JohnsonIMDB Database page about V Miniseries
Stage 02
I Dream of Jeannie: 15 Years Later [TV Movie]1985William AsherIMDB Database page about I Dream of Jeannie: 15 Years Later
Stage 02
Growing Pains [TV Series]1985-1992Neal MarlensIMDB Database page about Growing Pains
Stage 02 (1985 - 1987), The Seavers home was on Midwest Street and Kings Row was also featured
Nutcracker [TV Movie]1986Carroll BallardIMDB Database page about Nutcracker
Stage 01, Stage 02, Stage 27A
Bonfire of the Vanities [Feature Film]1990Brian De PalmaIMDB Database page about Bonfire of the Vanities
Stage 02
Curly Sue [Feature Film]1991John HughesIMDB Database page about Curly Sue
Stage 02
The Power of One [Feature Film]1992John G. AvildsenIMDB Database page about The Power of One
Stage 02
E.R. [TV Series]1994-2009Michael CrichtonIMDB Database page about E.R.
Stage 01, Stage 02, Stage 03, Stage 06, Stage 11, New York Street. The ambulance entrance to the hospital was a prominent feature of the Warner Bros Studio Tour for many years. The apartment building where Dr Ross lived is on Hennesy Street on the backlot. The Jungle set on the backlot doubled for Africa.
The Ellen Degeneres Show [TV Series]2003-IMDB Database page about The Ellen Degeneres Show
2008 - present: Stage 01, Stage 02, Stage 03