Sunset Bronson Studios

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The Warner Bros (Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack) buy 10.2 acres of land in Hollywood from the Beesmyer family at a cost of $25,000.


Following their own recent move to Los Angeles, Jack and Sam Warner find a lot to lease on Sunset Boulevard between Van Ness and Bronson Avenues.
They get the 10 acres of land for $25,000 and $1500 per month.


Anxious to get shooting, Warner Brothers West Studios is building at a rapid pace. Construction is completed on what is still a Hollywood landmark, the Tara Mansion on Sunset Boulevard.


The first in a series of Rin Tin Tin films is released a year after the Warner Brothers were approached by writer Darryl Zanuck. Zanuck joining the studio begins a period of intense creative and economic success for the Warners.


The Warner Brothers are having moderate success in Hollywood. Al Jolson and The Jazz Singer change their fortunes. The Warners start Vitaphone and make talkies a cornerstone of their business.


In mid-1928 a major fire spread from the transportation department on the North East corner. All of the back lot sets on the eastern edge of the studio burned. Vitaphone was a major success however, and Warner Brothers was able to rapidly rebuild, even as they opened a new lot in Burbank.


All major productions had moved to Burbank. The Sunset Bronson Warner Brothers lot focused on cartoons, shorts, and star based projects. James Cagney made the then controversial Public Enemy at the Sunset lot.


As Warner Brothers focused more of their production efforts on the Burbank lot, they looked for other ways to monetize the Sunset Bronson Lot. Because they owned the Brunswick Company, turning a stage into a bowling alley was a simple decision. Stage 2 would later become a roller rink.


Paramount Studios, long a neighbor to the south, decides to take Warner Brother’s ‘annex’ lot as an annex of their own. A two million dollar re-building and modernization project is promptly begun.


Hudson Capital LLC becomes the sole owner of Sunset Bronson and Sunset Gower Studios.


Productions shot at Sunset Bronson Studios

Feature Film (5)

Home for the Holidays1995Jodie FosterIMDB Database page about Home for the Holidays
The Wrong Man1956Alfred HitchcockIMDB Database page about The Wrong Man
Glen or Glenda1953Edward D. Wood Jr.IMDB Database page about Glen or Glenda
The Public Enemy1931William A. WellmanIMDB Database page about The Public Enemy
The Jazz Singer1927Alan CroslandIMDB Database page about The Jazz Singer

TV Series (7)

TitleReleasedCreator / ShowrunnerIMDB
Girlboss2017Kay CannonIMDB Database page about Girlboss
Good Luck Charlie2010-2014Phil Baker, Drew VaupenIMDB Database page about Good Luck Charlie
Lets Make A Deal2009-IMDB Database page about Lets Make A Deal
Judge Judy1996-Sandi Spreckman, Kaye SwitzerIMDB Database page about Judge Judy
Liars Club1976-1977IMDB Database page about Liars Club
Studio 6
The Brady Bunch Variety Hour1976-1977IMDB Database page about The Brady Bunch Variety Hour
Studio 2 and Studio 6 were used.
The Jeffersons1975-1985Don Nicholl, Michael Ross, Bernard WestIMDB Database page about The Jeffersons