Red Studios Hollywood

Bought by Red Digital in January 2010, these historic studios are now known as Red Studios Hollywood.

Also Known As

  • Metro Pictures Back Lot 3 (1915)
  • Equity Studios (1946)
  • Motion Picture Center Studios (1947)
  • Desilu-Cahuenga (1953)
  • Cinema General Studios (1971)
  • Television Center Studios (1974)
  • Ren-Mar Studios (1984)
  • Red Studios Hollywood (2010)

Official website:

846 North Cahuenga Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90038-3704


About Red Digital

[From the Red Studios Hollywood website]

In 2006, RED DIGITAL CINEMA was born in a bunker in Southern California. The idea was simple – design and build a high-performance digital cinema camera with quality of 35mm film and the convenience of pure digital. In just over a year, the idea once called a “scam” and “vaporware” became a reality as the RED ONE started to be delivered to the world in August 2007. Since that time, RED DIGITAL CINEMA has maintained that “obsolescence is obsolete” – and has delivered with new features via free firmware updates, workflow software, and an ever-expanding product line. As a logical progression, RED DIGITAL CINEMA purchased Ren-Mar Studios in 2010 and re-named it RED STUDIOS HOLLYWOOD.

Productions shot at Ren-Mar Studios

Feature Film (14)

300: Rise of an Empire2014Noam MurroIMDB Database page about 300: Rise of an Empire
Gone Girl2014David FincherIMDB Database page about Gone Girl
Hitchcock2013Sacha GervasiIMDB Database page about Hitchcock
The Artist2011Michel HazanaviciusIMDB Database page about The Artist
Wedding Crashers2005David DobkinIMDB Database page about Wedding Crashers
Looney Tunes Back in Action2003Joe DanteIMDB Database page about Looney Tunes Back in Action
K-PAX2001Iain SoftleyIMDB Database page about K-PAX
The Relic1997Peter HyamsIMDB Database page about The Relic
Crash1996David CronenbergIMDB Database page about Crash
The Birdcage1996Mike NicholsIMDB Database page about The Birdcage
Color of Night1994Richard RushIMDB Database page about Color of Night
Who Framed Roger Rabbit1988Robert ZemeckisIMDB Database page about Who Framed Roger Rabbit
A Nightmare on Elm Street1984Wes CravenIMDB Database page about A Nightmare on Elm Street
High Noon1952Fred ZinnemannIMDB Database page about High Noon

TV Series (14)

TitleReleasedCreator / ShowrunnerIMDB
True Blood2008Alan BallIMDB Database page about True Blood
Weeds2005-2012Jenji KohanIMDB Database page about Weeds
Shot at Red Studios (formerly Ren-Mar Studios) Seasons 1 - 6
Monk2002-2009VariousIMDB Database page about Monk
Ally McBeal1997-2002David E. KelleyIMDB Database page about Ally McBeal
Season 1. Seasons 2 - 5 were filmed at Raleigh Manhattan Beach Studios.
Chicago Hope1994-2000David E. KelleyIMDB Database page about Chicago Hope
Picket Fences1992-1996David E. KelleyIMDB Database page about Picket Fences
Seinfeld1990-1998Jerry Seinfeld, Larry DavidIMDB Database page about Seinfeld
The Golden Girls1984Susan HarrisIMDB Database page about The Golden Girls
Filmed at Ren-Mar studios from 1987 - 1992
That Girl1966-1971Sam Denoff, Bill PerskyIMDB Database page about That Girl
General Hospital1963-Doris Hursley, Frank HursleyIMDB Database page about General Hospital
The Lucy Show1962-1968IMDB Database page about The Lucy Show
The Dick Van Dyke Show1961-1966Carl ReinerIMDB Database page about The Dick Van Dyke Show
The Andy Griffith Show1960-1968Sheldon Leonard, Aaron Ruben, Danny ThomasIMDB Database page about The Andy Griffith Show
I Love Lucy1951 - 1957IMDB Database page about I Love Lucy
Seasons 3 to 6 were filmed at Ren-Mar Studios.

Music Video (1)

Madonna: Material Girl1985Mary Lambert


[From the Red Studios Hollywood website]

RED Studios Hollywood began its Hollywood life as Metro Pictures Back Lot #3.
Metro sent a troupe of filmmakers to Hollywood to establish a West Coast studio. Along with the legendary light of Los Angeles, these pioneers found open space to build a small studio in the heart of Hollywood, surrounded by bungalows and orange groves. Over the years at this site, the company expanded with success eventually moving most of its film production to Hollywood.

The story of the Cahuenga Lot reads like the script of a Hollywood epic. Ramon Navarro, in 1923, swashbuckled through the palace of Louis XVI and a country French village in the silent Scaramouche, and in 1924, young Jackie Coogan floated on the South Sea lagoon created for Little Robinson Crusoe.

Another young Jackie (Cooper) along with the great Wallace Beery, broke our hearts in The Champ.

May 1946
Construction of the new ‘Equity Studios’ on Cahuenga Boulevard in Hollywood is underway. The Studio is built primarily as a rental lot leasing space to independent producers in the center of Hollywood.

The Studio is renamed ‘Motion Picture Center Studios’

“After completing two phenomenally successful seasons of I Love Lucy, the Arnazes were looking for a permanent home base for their ever expanding Desilu empire, which had already generated a pair of I Love Lucy clones, Our Miss Brooks and I Married Joan, both of which debuted in 1952.
It was Desi’s dream to transform a studio into a state of the art television factory dedicated to the assembly-line production of half-hour comedies forged in the Desilu style. And to his mind, the modest facility at 846 Cahuenga seemed perfect.
By the summer of 1953, Lucy and Desi Arnaz had negotiated a long- term lease with the owners of the Motion Picture Center Studios, which would eventually come to be known as the Desilu-Cahuenga Studios.
No sooner was the lease signed than the Arnazes initiated a multi-million-dollar facelift of the sleepy production facility.” The official Dick Van Dyke show book

Desilu Cahuenga Studios
For anyone who has stayed up past their bedtime to watch TV Land Television, you have been amused and delighted by the many ‘Golden Age of Television’ shows that broke the rules and paved the way for the ‘Friends’ and ‘Bachelors’ of today.

Paramount Leases the studio for its overflow productions

In recent years, the studio, owned and operated independently since 1974, has been home to television, film, music video and special event producers of a new generation.

In January 2010, Ren-Mar Studios was bought by Red Digital Cinema Camera Company. The complex was renamed “Red Studios Hollywood”.



Movies Shot At Ren-Mar Studios

*Scaramouche (1923)
Little Robinson Crusoe (1924)
Long Live the King (1924)
The Champ (1931)
Miracle at Midnight (1947) [starring Rin Tin Tin III]
Champion (1948)
Home of the Brave (1948) [starring Lloyd Bridges]
Impact (1948)
Walk A Crooked Mile (1948)
D.O.A. (1949) [starring Edmond O\’Brien]
The Men (1949) [starring Marlon Brando
1950 – Cyrano de Bergerac
1952 – High Noon
1953 – Downbeat starring Frank Sinatra
1955 – Make Room for Daddy
1955 – The Real McCoys
1957 – The Luci-Desi Comedy Hour
1963 – My Favorite Martian
1965 – I Spy
1965 – Hogan\’s Heroes
1966 – That Girl
1967 – Good Morning World

Lizzie Mcguire

MTV – Tom Green Uncensored

MTV – Jackass 2000