Longcross Studios

Chobham Lane, Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 0EE, UK

This former tank factory and test track provides a large backlot (complete with tank test track!) and a huge central building, comparable in size to Pinewood Studios cavernous 007 Stage.

Although the main stage lacks many of the support facilities available at Pinewood and Shepperton, it costs film companies a fraction of the cost to rent.


Based around Barrowhills Mansion, the former Chobham Common was requisitioned for military use in July 1942 for a tank factory and test track for tanks.  The local residents failed to get the tank factory removed in 1947 and in 1950 plans were hatched to make the test track a permanent fixture.

The site is world famous for developing and testing tanks and other military vehicles. Chobham Armour, tough protection for tanks, was invented there in the early 1970s.

Several hundred people once worked at the establishment.

Various defence agencies have run the site, including the Fighting Vehicles Defence and Research Establishment (FVRDE) and the Military Vehicles Engineering Establishment (MVEE). QinetiQ inherited it from the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA).

The facility was bought from QinetiQ in 2004 by a consortium headed by Crest Nicholson PLC.

Productions shot at Longcross Studios

Feature Film (18)

Death on the Nile2022Kenneth BranaghIMDB Database page about Death on the Nile
Kingsman: The Golden Circle2017Matthew VaughnIMDB Database page about Kingsman: The Golden Circle
Doctor Strange2016Scott DerricksonIMDB Database page about Doctor Strange
Frankenstein2015Paul McGuiganIMDB Database page about Frankenstein
Guardians of the Galaxy2014James GunnIMDB Database page about Guardians of the Galaxy
The Fast and the Furious 62013Justin LinIMDB Database page about The Fast and the Furious 6
Jack the Giant Killer2012Bryan SingerIMDB Database page about Jack the Giant Killer
John Carter2012Andrew StantonIMDB Database page about John Carter
Skyfall2012Sam MendesIMDB Database page about Skyfall
Wrath of the Titans2012Jonathan LiebesmanIMDB Database page about Wrath of the Titans
Hugo2011Martin ScorceseIMDB Database page about Hugo
Naked Before The World2011Martin GoochIMDB Database page about Naked Before The World
War Horse2011Steven SpielbergIMDB Database page about War Horse
Bonded by Blood2010Sacha BennettIMDB Database page about Bonded by Blood
Clash of the Titans2010Louis LetterierIMDB Database page about Clash of the Titans
Argos scenes were shot at Longcross Studios.
Green Zone2010Paul GreengrassIMDB Database page about Green Zone
Weapons of Mass Destruction site, Camp Cropper prison and interiors of General Al-Rawi's house
The Descent: Part 22009Jon HarrisIMDB Database page about The Descent: Part 2
The Dark Knight2008Christopher NolanIMDB Database page about The Dark Knight

Short Film (1)

Chasing Cotards2010Edward L. DarkIMDB Database page about Chasing Cotards

TV Series (7)

TitleReleasedCreator / ShowrunnerIMDB
Law and Order UK2009VariousIMDB Database page about Law and Order UK
Echo Beach2008Jennifer Perrott, Beryl RichardsIMDB Database page about Echo Beach
Honest2008VariousIMDB Database page about Honest
Lewis2007-2012VariousIMDB Database page about Lewis
Holby Blue2007VariousIMDB Database page about Holby Blue
Moving Wallpaper2007VariousIMDB Database page about Moving Wallpaper
Primeval2007VariousIMDB Database page about Primeval

TV Movie (2)

Enid2009James HawesIMDB Database page about Enid
The Quatermass Experiment2005Sam MillerIMDB Database page about The Quatermass Experiment