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The Making of Harry Potter

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Welcome to this unofficial theStudioTour.com page about the Warner Bros Studio Tour London. Once you’ve had a look at all of the details below (and booked your tickets to The Making of Harry Potter) please have a look at the list of productions filmed at Leavesden Studios, and explore the other film studios on this site.

This is a unique experience – there’s nothing quite like it anywhere else on the planet.
You can see countless authentic costumes and sets from the Harry Potter movie series, up close, and at your leisure. There are ‘inter-actors’ everywhere who will happily talk you through the exhibits, answer any questions, and point out fascinating details in the sets that you can’t see on screen, but add to the believability of the world created by these movie artists. In addition, there are movie clips, behind-the-scenes photos and hundreds of fascinating facts to be found on interactive screens throughout the tour.

Two new stages (approximately 13,000 sqm floorspace) have been built, along with an adjoining backlot area, to accommodate the sets and artefacts (costumes & props) and to demonstrate film production techniques, with a new access road from Aerodrome Way and new parking and landscaping.

All tickets must be prebooked for a specific date and time.
For all tour enquiries and for booking, please see the Warner Bros Studio Tour London website

What can you see at the Warner Bros Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter? (April 2012)

  • Walk through the Great Hall at Hogwarts
  • Visit Dumbledore’s Study
  • Visit the Gryffindor Common Room and Dorm
  • Walk down Diagon Alley
  • Visit Hagrid’s Hut and many other sets
  • See a huge range of costumes worn by the actors
  • Visit a reconstruction of the model workshop where prosthetic make-up and creature effects were manufactured on a vast scale
  • Meet some of the magical creatures from the Harry Potter universe, including Buckbeak the Hippogriff and Fawkes the Phoenix.
  • Ride a Broom [there’s no extra cost to ride the broom, but the resulting photos must be paid for]
  • Learn about the film-making process.
  • See the awe-inspiringly huge scale model of Hogwarts, featured in all of the movies.

Tips on how to get the most out of your visit:

  • Before going, watch the Harry Potter movies again. You’ll see many of the sets, props and costumes featured throughout the movies close-up, so it’s good to get familiar with them again.
  • Spend some time in the Studio Store (they try not to call it a Gift Shop), either before or after your visit – as well as a massive range of Potter-themed merchandise (and some seriously cool clothing) you can also get up close to some authentic props and costumes, within touching distance, including two massive stained-glass windows, library shelving, prop books, and some awesome light fittings used throughout the series. There are hundreds of unique Harry Potter-related products available from wands to brooms and from scarves to snitches.
  • Talk to the ‘inter-actors’ – they have lots of interesting information to give you throughout the tour.
  • Once you leave the Great Hall, you can take the tour at your own pace. Do not rush – spend time to look at everything. The computer screens around the displays have lots of interesting information, so make use of them.
  • The tour can take as little as 90 minutes or as much as 4 hours – the duration is up to you – take it slowly!
  • Don’t miss the interactive elements in the Weasley’s living room set!
  • Pick up an Activity Passport from the lobby area – it has clues on where to find hidden Golden Snitches throughout the attraction!

Travel to Leavesden

See the ‘Getting Here’ page on the Warner Bros Studio Tour website. This contains information about car, tube, bus, plane, train and coach travel to the attraction.

There’s ample car parking available at the studio tour at no additional cost. Aim to arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled tour start time.

Video material relating to the tour

Hogwarts Castle Model
The grand finale to the tour is the awe-inspiring (literally) huge model of Hogwarts Castle.
It took 74 YEARS of man- (and woman-) power to create, and you can see all of that work right in front of you.


Tickets for The Making Of Harry Potter went on sale on 13 October 2011
The attraction opened to the public on 1 April 2012.
The original ticket prices were £28 for adults and £21 for children.
Please go to the official Warner Bros Studio Tour website to book in advance.

Additional information

For information about the development of the tour and pre-opening publicity material, please see the Advance page.

Package Tours

For a full Harry Potter-related package including transport from central London to Watford, please see companies such as Britmovietours.com. [NB This company is not connected to Warner Bros. or this website]

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