Kleinburg Film Studios

Official website: https://www.kleinburgfilmstudios.com/

Part of Cinespace Studios (along with Booth Avenue Studios, Eastern Avenue Studios and Kipling Studios).


36,000 sq.ft. complex

The Kleinburg Studio facility features two 10,000 square foot soundstages with standing White House sets.

Studio 1 holds the Great Hall, the Halls of Justice, reception and dining room, while Studio 2 holds the Oval Office along with its surrounding corridors, offices and an elevator, and the front facade from the House of Representatives.

All themed set dressings, along with a stored set of the cabin of the 1960’s-era Air Force One, as well as the White house gate and ample fencing, are now on-site.

Kleinburg Studios also features two floors of production offices and support facilities and a large carpentry shop that connects to both studios. The complex is situated on a 20-acre wooded countryside location, which adds both outdoor filming possibilities and aesthetic appeal to the facility, and is right next to the Humber River and over 300 acres of conservation lands. The site is located just 15 minutes north of the airport and 40 minutes north-west of downtown Toronto.

Productions at Kleinburg Studio

  • *Aaron Stone
  • *Murdoch Mysteries
  • *Casino Jack
  • *The Sentinel
  • *Left Behind: WWIII
  • *DC 9/11: Time of Crisis
  • *America’s Prince: The John F. Kennedy Jr. Story
  • *The Pentagon Papers
  • *The Day Reagan Was Shot
  • *Jackie, Ethel, Joan: The Women of Camelot

Productions shot at Kleinburg Studios