Fox Stage 22

Stage 22 was built in 1966.

Seen on Screen: Fox Studios [Stage_22]

Doctor Dolittle [Feature Film]1967Richard FleischerIMDB Database page about Doctor Dolittle
Stage 17, Stage 20, Stage 22
In Like Flint [Feature Film]1967Gordon DouglasIMDB Database page about In Like Flint
Stage 21, Stage 22
Planet of the Apes [Feature Film]1968Franklin J. SchaffnerIMDB Database page about Planet of the Apes
Stage 20, Stage 21, Stage 22
Star! [Feature Film]1968Robert WiseIMDB Database page about Star!
Stage 21, Stage 22
The Detective [Feature Film]1968Gordon DouglasIMDB Database page about The Detective
Stage 22
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes [Feature Film]1972J. Lee ThompsonIMDB Database page about Conquest of the Planet of the Apes
Stage 22. Extensive use was also made of the Century City shopping areas and office buildings surrounding Fox Studios.
At Long Last Love [Feature Film]1975Peter BogdanovichIMDB Database page about At Long Last Love
Stage 21, Stage 22
Silent Movie [Feature Film]1976Mel BrooksIMDB Database page about Silent Movie
Stage 15, Stage 22
Damnation Alley [Feature Film]1977Jack SmightIMDB Database page about Damnation Alley
Stage 21 and Stage 22
The Other Side of Midnight [Feature Film]1977Charles JarrottIMDB Database page about The Other Side of Midnight
Stage 15, Stage 21, Stage 22
Nine to Five (9 to 5) [Feature Film]1980Colin HigginsIMDB Database page about Nine to Five (9 to 5)
Stage 06, Stage 14, Stage 22
The Fall Guy [TV Series]1981-1986Glen A. LarsonIMDB Database page about The Fall Guy
Stage 22 and around the studio lot.
Making Love [Feature Film]1982Arthur HillerIMDB Database page about Making Love
Stage 22
Have Faith [TV Series]1989Jeremy Lew, Alicia UlrichIMDB Database page about Have Faith
Stage 22
Anything But Love [TV Series]1989-1992Wendy KoutIMDB Database page about Anything But Love
Stage 22
South Central [TV Series]1992Stephen Milburn AndersonIMDB Database page about South Central
Stage 22
Dharma and Greg [TV Series]1997-2002Dottie Zicklin, Chuck LorreIMDB Database page about Dharma and Greg
Stage 21, Stage 22