Fox Stage 21

Stage 21 was built in 1966.
The stage has a Star Wars mural (although Star Wars was shot at Elstree Studios in the UK).

Seen on Screen: Fox Studios [Stage_21]

In Like Flint [Feature Film]1967Gordon DouglasIMDB Database page about In Like Flint
Stage 21, Stage 22
Planet of the Apes [Feature Film]1968Franklin J. SchaffnerIMDB Database page about Planet of the Apes
Stage 20, Stage 21, Stage 22
Star! [Feature Film]1968Robert WiseIMDB Database page about Star!
Stage 21, Stage 22
The Boston Strangler [Feature Film]1968Richard FleischerIMDB Database page about The Boston Strangler
Stage 05, Stage 21
The Secret Life of an American Wife [Feature Film]1968George AxelrodIMDB Database page about The Secret Life of an American Wife
Stage 20, Stage 21
Land of the Giants [TV Series]1968-1970Irwin AllenIMDB Database page about Land of the Giants
Stage 17, Stage 21
At Long Last Love [Feature Film]1975Peter BogdanovichIMDB Database page about At Long Last Love
Stage 21, Stage 22
Damnation Alley [Feature Film]1977Jack SmightIMDB Database page about Damnation Alley
Stage 21 and Stage 22
The Other Side of Midnight [Feature Film]1977Charles JarrottIMDB Database page about The Other Side of Midnight
Stage 15, Stage 21, Stage 22
The Rose [Feature Film]1979Mark RydellIMDB Database page about The Rose
Stage 11, Stage 21
Predator 2 [Feature Film]1990Stephen HopkinsIMDB Database page about Predator 2
Stage 06, Stage 20, Stage 21
Picket Fences [TV Series]1992-1996David E. KelleyIMDB Database page about Picket Fences
Stage 04, Stage 21
Jack The Bear [Feature Film]1993Marshall HerskovitzIMDB Database page about Jack The Bear
Stage 21
Rising Sun [Feature Film]1993Philip KaufmanIMDB Database page about Rising Sun
Stage 21
Dharma and Greg [TV Series]1997-2002Dottie Zicklin, Chuck LorreIMDB Database page about Dharma and Greg
Stage 21, Stage 22