Fox Stage 20

Stage 20 was built in 1966, and is decorated with a massive The Simpsons mural.

Seen on Screen: Fox Studios [Stage_20]

Doctor Dolittle [Feature Film]1967Richard FleischerIMDB Database page about Doctor Dolittle
Stage 17, Stage 20, Stage 22
Bandolero! [Feature Film]1968Andrew V. McLaglenIMDB Database page about Bandolero!
Stage 20
Planet of the Apes [Feature Film]1968Franklin J. SchaffnerIMDB Database page about Planet of the Apes
Stage 20, Stage 21, Stage 22
The Secret Life of an American Wife [Feature Film]1968George AxelrodIMDB Database page about The Secret Life of an American Wife
Stage 20, Stage 21
Julia [TV Series]1968-1971Hal KanterIMDB Database page about Julia
Stage 20
The Buddy System [Feature Film]1984Glenn JordanIMDB Database page about The Buddy System
Stage 20
Moonlighting [TV Series]1985 - 1989Glenn Gordon CaronIMDB Database page about Moonlighting
Stage 10, Stage 11 and Stage 20 at Fox Studios, Century City. In the final episode David & Maddie are seen running out of the Elephant door on Stage 20 which housed the main Blue Moon Detective Agency office set.
Predator 2 [Feature Film]1990Stephen HopkinsIMDB Database page about Predator 2
Stage 06, Stage 20, Stage 21
Dying Young [Feature Film]1991Joel SchumacherIMDB Database page about Dying Young
Stage 20
Civil Wars [TV Series]1991-1993Oz Scott, Brad SilberlingIMDB Database page about Civil Wars
Stage 20
The Great White Hype [Feature Film]1996Reginald HudlinIMDB Database page about The Great White Hype
Stage 20
Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place [TV Series]1998-2001Rick Wiener, Kenny Schwartz, Danny JacobsonIMDB Database page about Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place
Stage 20
Reba [TV Series]2001-2007Allison M. GibsonIMDB Database page about Reba
Stage 20