Building 1

This building was originally the Executive Building (before the new HQ building was constructed) and is now known as the Bochco Building, named after Steven Bochco (creator, exec.producer & writer of NYPD Blue and Doogie Howser M.D. amongst others) 

Building 22

Building 29

Used for post-production, this complex of facilities was originally Stages 3 and 4.

Building 32


Building 41

This is the oldest building on the lot, and was originally the stables for Tom Mix’s horses.
Before the studio was constructed, the whole area was dirt / grass, with the stable block in the middle of it, and Tom Mix’s house in the corner.

Building 52 – Hall of Music

Gloriously atmospheric Romanesque courtyard with a fountain, designed to inspire musicians to create great works. 

Seen on Screen: Fox Studios [Hall_of_Music]

Modern Family [TV Series]2009 - Steven Levitan, Christopher LloydIMDB Database page about Modern Family
Stage 05 at Fox Studios. Various locations around the studio lot were also featured, including the Hall of Music.


Building 80 The Old Writers’ Building

The building was featured in various movies and TV shows.
It features as a restaurant exterior in X Files (episode En Ami).
Steven Bochco had an office in the building, along with many other writers working on Fox TV shows.


Building 86 The Stars Building

This building used to house offices for Fred Astaire and Tyrone Power, and the room with the circular window on the ground floor was Marilyn Monroe’s dressing room.
The building has appeared regularly in Charlie’s Angels, as well as Peyton Place, X Files etc.



The Commissary at Fox Studios is believed to be the oldest unchanged studio commissary still in existence.
It was originally called the Cafe de Paris as it was built on the site of one of the semi-permanent sets, a French restaurant.
The star-studded mural featuring Janet Gaynor, Warner Baxter and Will Rogers was unveiled in 1935 and can still be seen to this day. Shirley Temple was added to the design a few years later. The art deco style of the building is delightful.
The original studio layout had a circular driveway leading to the commissary. When Darryl F. Zanuck took over the studio in 1935, he brought his own chef with him, who formerly ran a deli in New York.
Although the commissary is not open to the public, it has been seen in many Fox movies and TV shows over the years.


Fox Plaza (1987 – present)

Better known as the Nakatomi Plaza, the site of Bruce Willis’ first outing as John McLane in Die Hard, the Fox Plaza building was completed in February 1987 and houses the headquarters of 20th Century Fox.
– 492 feet high (150m)
– 34 floors
– Architects: Scott Johnson, Bill Fain, William L.Pereira.
– Owned by The Irvine Company [Building website]

Seen on Screen: Fox Studios [Fox_Plaza]

Die Hard [Feature Film]1988John McTiernanIMDB Database page about Die Hard
Stage 15 (the party scene on the 30th floor was filmed on the soundstage as the set as designed was too large to construct inside the tower)
The newly-completed Fox Plaza building (which overlooks the studio lot) featured in exterior shots as Nakatomi Plaza. Scenes of destruction were accomplished using scale models. Many sequences were actually filmed on the vacant (and still under-construction) 33rd & 34th floors, with additional breakaway walls for stunt purposes.
Airheads [Feature Film]1994Michael LehmannIMDB Database page about Airheads
Fox Plaza features as the office building
Speed [Feature Film]1994Jan de BontIMDB Database page about Speed
Fox Plaza is featured. Some interiors shot on Stage 14.

Newman Scoring Stage

Wardrobe Department

Store for millions of costume items from Twentieth Century Fox movies over the years. 


From Fox Studios website:
When it comes to contemporary fashions and accessories, the Wardrobe Department at Fox Studios Production Services offers the “Best Collection in LA.” Although contemporary has definitely been our forte, our period collection now includes early 1900’s (Titanic), 1960’s and 1970’s and continues to grow.
* Contemporary Clothing and Accessories
* Period Collection (early 1900’s, 1960’s and 1970’s)
* Offices for Costumers and Designers
* Prep Cages
* Jewelry Room
* Men’s and Ladies’ Alterations and Made-to-Order
* Fitting Rooms
* Wash and Dye Facilities
Photos above are from Fox Studios website and are (c) Fox Studios