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Airwolf (1984-1986)

Creator: Donald P. Bellisario

Cast: Jan-Michael Vincent, Alex Cord and Ernest Borgnine

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Studio(s): Universal Studios Hollywood

  • Universal Studios Hollywood: Colonial Street (Cleaver House), Colonial Street Church, Denver Street, Little Europe, New York Street, Six Points Texas, Square of Warriors, Tower of London backlot sets, Stage 14 [helicopter interior mockup], Stage 20 [process shots], Stage 24 [Hawke Cabin set], Stage 27 [The Lair hideout], Stage 28 [process shots]

  • Classic action-adventure series about a supersonic military helicopter. The series creator, Donald P. Bellisario, was also responsible for Magnum P.I. and Tales of the Golden Monkey, and was a director and writer on numerous other Universal TV shows such as Battlestar Galactica, Kojak and later Quantum Leap. 

    Ernest Borgnine, who played Dominic Santini (head of Santini Air, who perform stunts for Hollywood productions) was mayor of Universal City. 
    The first run of the series (1984-1986) consisted of 58 episodes. An additional run of 24 episodes was made on a lower budget in Canada in 1987 with a new cast on a new network. 
    As well as numerous locations around the California area, the production used a mockup of the interior of a Bell 222 helicopter for interior close-ups and for shots of the helicopter in the "lair". This mockup was built on Stage 14. The production also used Stage 24. 
    Scale models of the Airwolf helicopter are sometimes on display in the Prop Warehouse on the VIP Tour.
    Episodes featuring the backlot


    Many thanks to universalstonecutter and Clark Van Hoten for episode research.