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Addams Family Values (1993)

Directed by: Barry Sonnenfeld

Cast: Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia, Christopher Lloyd

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Studio(s): Warner Bros Studios - CBS Studio Center - Paramount Studios

  • Warner Bros Studios: Exterior facade of the house with the conservatory, dining room and entry hall.
  • CBS Studio Center: Cemetary with conservatory and dining room, which completed the rear and side of the house.
  • Paramount Studios: Stage 20: Ground / First floor of the house, with conservatory wall
    Stage 31: Second floor of the house. Stage 30 was also used.

  • From Addams Family Values Press Pack - interview with Production Designer Ken Adam

    "At Warner Bros., we built the exterior facade of the house with the conservatory, dining room and entry hall", recalls Adam. "At CBS Studio Center we built the cemetary with the conservatory and dining room, which comprised the rear and side of the house. And at Paramount there is the ground or first floor of the house on Stage 20, also with the conservatory wall and the second floor of the house on Stage 31. So we ended up with the conservatory, or parts of it, on three different stages."

    "We had to pull out all the stops, all the things I have learned in my 46 years of experience," Adam says. "We were building on seven soundstages at one time. Even on some of the gigantic James Bond pictures I did, I have never built on that many stages at the same time." These stages were used for the various interiors of the Addams house, Debbie and Fester's Hawaiian honeymoon suite, and the French restaurant grotto.

    For the cemetary set, Adam came up with the idea of building part of it in forced perspective. "We built it in composite with part of the house," he says. One of the new additions to the house is the Conservatory, which appears in a very primitive way in some of the Addams cartoons - "looking like a big bird cage," he says.

    Several locations around the Los Angeles area serve to take the Addamses out of their crumbling mansion. Among them are East L.A.'s Linda Vista Hospital, the Long Beach Airport Terminal, and private homes in Pasadena and Palos Verdes.

    California's Sequoia National Forest provided a picturesque summer campsite - and a new setting for torture - for the Addams children, Wednesday and Pugsley. Located 50 miles east of the San Joaquin Valley city of Fresno, and home to five YMCA campsites, Sequoia Lake provided the production company with two distinct locales. The arrival of the campers took place at Camp Sequoia, and the pageant sequence was set across the lake at Camp Tulequoia.

    From Addams Family Values Press Book