Stage 2 Plaque (March 2008)

Stage 2 was built in 1935/36.

Seen on Screen: Warner Bros Studios [Stage_02]

The Left Handed Gun [Feature Film]1958Arthur PennIMDB Database page about The Left Handed Gun
Laramie Street, Stage 02, Stage 27, Stage 27A, Stage 28, Stage 28A
America America [Feature Film]1963Elia KazanIMDB Database page about America America
Stage 02, Stage 16
The F.B.I. [TV Series]1965-1974IMDB Database page about The F.B.I.
Stage 02, Stage 14, Stage 17, Stage 19
The Bill Cosby Show [TV Series]1969-1971Bill Cosby, Ed. Weinberger, Michael ZagorIMDB Database page about The Bill Cosby Show
Stage 02, Stage 06, Stage 09
The Court-Martial of George Armstrong Custer [TV Movie]1977Glenn JordanIMDB Database page about The Court-Martial of George Armstrong Custer
Stage 02
V Miniseries [TV Movie]1983Kenneth JohnsonIMDB Database page about V Miniseries
Stage 02
I Dream of Jeannie: 15 Years Later [TV Movie]1985William AsherIMDB Database page about I Dream of Jeannie: 15 Years Later
Stage 02
Growing Pains [TV Series]1985-1992Neal MarlensIMDB Database page about Growing Pains
Stage 02 (1985 - 1987), Midwest Street, Kings Row
Nutcracker [TV Movie]1986Carroll BallardIMDB Database page about Nutcracker
Stage 01, Stage 02, Stage 27A
Bonfire of the Vanities [Feature Film]1990Brian De PalmaIMDB Database page about Bonfire of the Vanities
Stage 02
Curly Sue [Feature Film]1991John HughesIMDB Database page about Curly Sue
Stage 02
The Power of One [Feature Film]1992John G. AvildsenIMDB Database page about The Power of One
Stage 02
E.R. [TV Series]1994-2009Michael CrichtonIMDB Database page about E.R.
Stage 01, Stage 02, Stage 03, Stage 06, Stage 11, New York Street. The ambulance entrance to the hospital was a prominent feature of the Warner Bros Studio Tour for many years.
The Ellen Degeneres Show [TV Series]2003-IMDB Database page about The Ellen Degeneres Show
2008 - present: Stage 01, Stage 02, Stage 03