Warner Bros Backlot – Ashley Boulevard / Brownstone Street

Originally erected in 1929, this block of upscale residential walkups is the oldest part of the backlot, and captures the unique personalities of many famous cities. It was renamed Ashley Boulevard in 2002. The timeless qualities of the walk-up style brownstone apartments and daylight basement units keep this facade street in high demand for feature and television production.
The centre apartment has an interior staircase leading to the second floor with a practical landing.

Seen on Screen: Warner Bros Studios [Ashley]

Wait Until Dark [Feature Film]1967Terence YoungIMDB Database page about Wait Until Dark
Stage 12, Stage 18, Stage 26, Ashley Boulevard on the backlot
Funny Girl [Feature Film]1968William WylerIMDB Database page about Funny Girl
Ashley Boulevard on the backlot
Batman Returns [Feature Film]1992Tim BurtonIMDB Database page about Batman Returns
Stage 03, Stage 11, Stage 12, Stage 15, Stage 16 (Gotham Plaza), Stage 18, Stage 20, Stage 21, Stage 22, Stage 25, Hennesy Street and Ashley Boulevard on the backlot.