Seen on Screen: Universal Studios Hollywood [Stage_35]

Tales of Wells Fargo [TV Series]1957-1962Frank Gruber, Gene Reynolds, James BrooksIMDB Database page about Tales of Wells Fargo
Denver Street, Stage 35
Laredo [TV Series]1965-1967IMDB Database page about Laredo
Denver Street, Stage 35
Coupling [TV Series]2003Steven MoffatIMDB Database page about Coupling
Stage 35, Stage 42
Hulk [Feature Film]2003Ang LeeIMDB Database page about Hulk
A new set of houses was built on Elm Street on the backlot for this movie. Banner's childhood home was built on the Falls Lake tank. These stages were used for interior scenes: Stage 01, Stage 12 [underground lab], Stage 22, Stage 23 [father's house interior], Stage 27, Stage 28 [the first floor of Bruce Banner's house], Stage 35.
Seabiscuit [Feature Film]2003Gary RossIMDB Database page about Seabiscuit
Stage 35, Six Points Texas on the backlot
The Lunchbox Chronicles [TV Movie]2003IMDB Database page about The Lunchbox Chronicles
Stage 35, Stage 42
Everyday Life [TV Pilot]2004Rob ReinerIMDB Database page about Everyday Life
Stage 35, Stage 42
Complete Savages [TV Series]2004-2005Mike Scully, Julie ThackerIMDB Database page about Complete Savages
Stage 34, Stage 35, Stage 41
Plan B [TV Pilot]2005Heather UrbanIMDB Database page about Plan B
Stage 35
The Ring Two [Feature Film]2005Hideo NakataIMDB Database page about The Ring Two
Stage 01, Stage 23, Stage 28, Stage 34, Stage 35
Thick and Thin [TV Series]2006 - Paula PellIMDB Database page about Thick and Thin
Stage 35, Stage 42, Stage 44
Carpoolers [TV Series]2007-2008Bruce McCullochIMDB Database page about Carpoolers
Stage 35, Stage 36, Stage 37, Elm Street

Studio Specifications


Stage 35

  • Area (sq.ft.):6831
  • Length (feet):99
  • Width (feet):69
  • Height (feet-inches):25-0
  • Floor Material:Wood over concrete sub floor
  • Pits/Tanks (LxWxH):None
  • Door Openings (WxH):N19-0x19-3