2019 Stage Number: Stage 21

Original stage number: Stage 27

Stage 27 was built as a visual effects stage for John Fulton, who ran the visual effects dept. at Universal. The first film shot on it was John Ford’s Airmail in 1932. This stage has the largest indoor tank on the Universal lot, and was used as the test area for the infamous mechanical shark constructed for Jaws.

Since Stage 28 was demolished, Stage 27 (now Stage 21) is now the oldest on the Front Lot.

Seen on Screen: Universal Studios Hollywood [Stage_27]

Airmail [Feature Film]1932John FordIMDB Database page about Airmail
Stage 27
Shenandoah [Feature Film]1965Andrew V. McLaglenIMDB Database page about Shenandoah
Stage 27
Thoroughly Modern Millie [Feature Film]1967George Roy HillIMDB Database page about Thoroughly Modern Millie
Stage 12 (Muzzy Estate), Stage 22, Stage 27, Stage 28 were the soundstages used. The Paris Opera House sets on Stage 28 were used for the theatre sequence. Many exterior scenes were shot on New York Street and Brownstone Street. The Square of Warriors embassy buildings featured as Carol Channing / Muzzy's house.
Sweet Charity [Feature Film]1968Bob FosseIMDB Database page about Sweet Charity
The Central Park bridge built for the movie still exists (as a shell) behind the King Kong Model Ship adjacent to Park Lake. This was before the Red Sea effect was built for the Studio Tour, so the area was very different then.
Brownstone Street, Stage 12, Stage 27
The Sting [Feature Film]1973George Roy HillIMDB Database page about The Sting
Brownstone Street and New York Street feature as Old Chicago. The theater on the south side of New York Street featured as the exterior of the Burlesque Theater, and an elevated rail track was built to run above the street. The Paris Opera House sets on Stage 28 were used for the theater interior scenes. Stage 12, Stage 22, Stage 23, Stage 24, Stage 27 and Stage 32 were also used.
Battle of Midway [Feature Film]1976Jack SmightIMDB Database page about Battle of Midway
Stage 27
The Thing [Feature Film]1982John CarpenterIMDB Database page about The Thing
Stage 24, Stage 27
Airwolf [TV Series]1984-1986Donald P. BellisarioIMDB Database page about Airwolf
Colonial Street (Cleaver House), Colonial Street Church, Denver Street, Little Europe, New York Street, Six Points Texas, Square of Warriors, Tower of London backlot sets, Stage 14 [helicopter interior mockup], Stage 20 [process shots], Stage 24 [Hawke Cabin set], Stage 27 [The Lair hideout], Stage 28 [process shots]
Die Hard 2: Die Harder [Feature Film]1990Renny HarlinIMDB Database page about Die Hard 2: Die Harder
Stage 27, Stage 747
Jurassic Park [Feature Film]1993Steven SpielbergIMDB Database page about Jurassic Park
Stage 12 (Visitor Centre), Stage 16, Stage 23 [park maintenance shed], Stage 24 [visitors centre kitchen when velociraptors attack], Stage 27 [Ford Explorer falling through tree (suspended on cables), Brachiosaurus visiting cast in a tree in the morning, Nedry's encounter with a Spitter, attack on Muldoon], Stage 28 (Computer Control room and hatchery)
Apollo 13 [Feature Film]1995Ron HowardIMDB Database page about Apollo 13
Falls Lake - The splashdown at the end of the movie was shot on Falls Lake with the blue sky backdrop.
Stage 27 - Mission Control
Stage 36 - Stage kept at a low 38 degrees Fahrenheit (3.5 degrees Celsius) so that actors' breath was visible on camera.
The Lost World: Jurassic Park [Feature Film]1997Steven SpielbergIMDB Database page about The Lost World: Jurassic Park
Old Mexico, Stage 12, Stage 22 [Worker Village kiln house & shed], Stage 24 [T Rex stage - sets were build around the dinosaurs which ran on tracks], Stage 25 [Full size T Rex scenes. The T Rexs were so large they could not be moved from Stage 25 once assembled - the sets had to be built and moved around them], Stage 27 [Gatherers base camp], Stage 28
Small Soldiers [Feature Film]1998Joe DanteIMDB Database page about Small Soldiers
Stage 27
Life [Feature Film]1999Ted DemmeIMDB Database page about Life
Stage 27, Stage 28
Man on the Moon [Feature Film]1999Milos FormanIMDB Database page about Man on the Moon
Stage 27, Stage 29, Stage 36
Mystery Men [Feature Film]1999Kinka UsherIMDB Database page about Mystery Men
Stage 27, Stage 28 [special effects stage - flying sequences done against greenscreen], Stage 29
How the Grinch Stole Christmas [Feature Film]2000Ron HowardIMDB Database page about How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Stage 12 [Whoville], Stage 27 [Mt.Crumpit set], Stage 28 [cave set], Stage 29, Stage 31 and 6 other stages.
Jurassic Park III [Feature Film]2001Joe JohnstonIMDB Database page about Jurassic Park III
Falls Lake, Stage 01, Stage 12 [jungle rain forest set - plane crashes into tree, Tyrannosaurus vs Spinosaurus battle], Stage 18 [plane in flight - interior, dinosaur kennel set], Stage 27 [A pteranodon grabs Eric. The groups watches helplessly as Eric is carried away. Everyone scrambles to get Eric. Grant and Amanda are separated from Paul by a Pteranodon], Stage 28 [Pteranodon drops Eric into the Nest area. Eric hits hatchlings with his knapsack. Paul, in pursuit, slips and slides, lands down to nest. Paul grabs Eric, they fight their way out of the nest.], Stage 29 [rock wall observatory], Stage 44 [rock wall canyon, flooded], Stage 25, Stage 747
The One [Feature Film]2001James WongIMDB Database page about The One
Stage 27
Crossing Jordan [TV Series]2001-2007Tim KringIMDB Database page about Crossing Jordan
Elm Street, Square of Warriors, Falls Lake (Season 6 Finale), Stage 27, Stage 33, Stage 36, Stage 37, Stage 41, Stage 42, Stage 43, Stage 44
Hulk [Feature Film]2003Ang LeeIMDB Database page about Hulk
A new set of houses was built on Elm Street on the backlot for this movie. Banner's childhood home was built on the Falls Lake tank. These stages were used for interior scenes: Stage 01, Stage 12 [underground lab], Stage 22, Stage 23 [father's house interior], Stage 27, Stage 28 [the first floor of Bruce Banner's house], Stage 35.
The Cat In The Hat [Feature Film]2003Bo WelchIMDB Database page about The Cat In The Hat
Courthouse Square, Stage 23, Stage 27, Stage 28 [interior of the Walden house], Stage 29, Stage 31
Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement [Feature Film]2004Garry MarshallIMDB Database page about Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
The streets of Little Europe doubled as Genovia. The Square of Warriors appeared as the exterior of the royal residence. The Train Station also appeared. Interiors were shot on Stage 22, Stage 23, Stage 27 and Stage 36.
The Skeleton Key [Feature Film]2005Iain SoftleyIMDB Database page about The Skeleton Key
Stage 23, Stage 24, Stage 27, Stage 28, Stage 29
War of the Worlds [Feature Film]2005Steven SpielbergIMDB Database page about War of the Worlds
The 747 landing set used in War of the Worlds is still in position as part of the Universal Studios tour, on the backlot.
Stage 25, Stage 27 [Tank used for ferry capsize sequence featuring underwater cars. Filmed Jan 31 - Feb 2 2005], Stage 28 [bluescreen set for minivan sequence]
Weeds [TV Series]2005-Jenji KohanIMDB Database page about Weeds
Shot on Stage 27 at Universal (Season 7 onwards)
You, Me & Dupree [Feature Film]2006Anthony Russo, Joe RussoIMDB Database page about You, Me & Dupree
Stage 23, Stage 24, Stage 25, Stage 27, Stage 28
Evan Almighty [Feature Film]2007Tom ShadyacIMDB Database page about Evan Almighty
Ark flood sequence shot on Falls Lake. Stage 12 (top section of the ark) and Stage 27 (entrance and lower section of the ark) were also used.
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull [Feature Film]2008Steven SpielbergIMDB Database page about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Falls Lake, Old Mexico (as Peru), Freeway Park, Stage 27 [Cemetary where Indy and Mutt find the Crystal Skull], Stage 29 [Indy's house]
Land of the Lost [Feature Film]2009Brad SilberlingIMDB Database page about Land of the Lost
Stage 12, Stage 27, Stage 28 at Universal Studios Hollywood.
The Muppets [Feature Film]2011James BobinIMDB Database page about The Muppets
Shot on Stage 28, with a nearby stage used as a Muppet Workshop to keep the stars looking perky. Stage 27 was also used.
Snow White and the Huntsman [Feature Film]2012Rupert SandersIMDB Database page about Snow White and the Huntsman
Stage 27
The Mindy Project [TV Series]2012-Mindy KalingIMDB Database page about The Mindy Project
Stage 27, New York Street set, Brownstone Street (apartment located here), Elm Street

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Studio Specifications

From http://www.filmmakersdestination.com

Stage 27 – Building number 468

  • Area (sq.ft.):19701
  • Length (feet):199
  • Width (feet):99
  • Height (feet-inches):39-10
  • Floor Material:Concrete
  • Pits/Tanks (LxWxH):116-0x68-0x17-0, W21-0x13-0x7-6
  • Distributed Load: 500PSF, Point Load: 7000LBS
  • Door Openings (WxH):S17-6×18-1, W34-6×18-4