Seen on Screen: Universal Studios Hollywood [Stage_20]

Harvey [Feature Film]1950Henry KosterIMDB Database page about Harvey
Colonial Street including what is now known as the Harvey House and the Colonial Mansion. Interiors were shot on Stage 12, Stage 20, Stage 23.
Father Goose [Feature Film]1964Ralph NelsonIMDB Database page about Father Goose
Stage 19, Stage 20
Ironside [TV Series]1967-1975Collier YoungIMDB Database page about Ironside
Apartments, Colonial Street, Mediterranean Square, New York Street (as San Francisco). Interiors were shot on Stage 20.
Airwolf [TV Series]1984-1986Donald P. BellisarioIMDB Database page about Airwolf
Colonial Street (Cleaver House), Colonial Street Church, Denver Street, Little Europe, New York Street, Six Points Texas, Square of Warriors, Tower of London backlot sets, Stage 14 [helicopter interior mockup], Stage 20 [process shots], Stage 24 [Hawke Cabin set], Stage 27 [The Lair hideout], Stage 28 [process shots]
Murder She Wrote [TV Series]1984-1996VariousIMDB Database page about Murder She Wrote
"Incident on Lot 7" - Season 8, Episode 13 (1992) - Psycho House
"Jessica Behind Bars" - Season 2, Episode 9 (1985) - Square of Warriors / Spartacus Square Embassy building appears as the Prison exterior.
"Hooray for Homicide" - Season 1, Episode 3 (1984) - Front Lot & Studio Tour
Colonial Street, New York Street (as London), Tower of London set (as an amusement park), Little Europe (unknown episodes)
Elm Street (as Industrial Street), Singapore Lake (Jaws Lake) appeared in the opening titles as Cabot Cove, Maine.
"To Kill A Legend" (Season 11 Episode 3, October 1994) Circle Drive on Colonial Street is featured prominently as the location for the battle re-enactment. The Colonial Street Church is seen in many shots.
"Seal of the Confessional" - Season 6 Episode 2 (1989) - Colonial Street Church appears in the opening sequence. Jaws Lake appears as Cabot Cove.
Stage 20 [pilot], Stage 22, Stage 25 (interior Jessica Fletcher's house), Stage 29, the backlot Train Station appeared in one episode.
Episode The Murder Channel (Season 11, Episode 6) features Brownstone Street and New York Street prominently. (1994)
"Judge Not" (Season 8 Episode 6) Shot in 1991 - featured the Embassy buildings in the Square of Warriors and Little Europe on the backlot.
Psycho [Feature Film]1998Gus Van SantIMDB Database page about Psycho
Colonial Street, Stage 12, Stage 20, Stage 22
Traffic [Feature Film]2000Steven SoderberghIMDB Database page about Traffic
Stage 20
K-PAX [Feature Film]2001Iain SoftleyIMDB Database page about K-PAX
Stage 20, Stage 29
The Mexican [Feature Film]2001Gore VerbinskiIMDB Database page about The Mexican
Stage 20
LAX [TV Series]2004-2005Nick ThielIMDB Database page about LAX
Stage 20, Stage 36
Kicking and Screaming [Feature Film]2005Jesse DylanIMDB Database page about Kicking and Screaming
Colonial Street and Freeway Park. Interiors were shot on Stage 20.
Ghost Whisperer [TV Series]2005-2010John GrayIMDB Database page about Ghost Whisperer
Based on Courthouse Square, this series also filmed in the Chicken Ranch, on Colonial Street, on Elm Street, in the Underwater Tank and on Stage 05, Stage 06, Stage 18, Stage 19, Stage 20 at Universal.

Studio Specifications


Stage 20

  • Area (sq.ft.):10656
  • Length (feet):144
  • Width (feet):74
  • Height (feet-inches):27-1
  • Floor Material:Wood over concrete sub floor
  • Pits/Tanks (LxWxH):None
  • Door Openings (WxH):E12-0x18-0, W12-0x16-6