Seen on Screen: Universal Studios Hollywood [Stage_19]

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein [Feature Film]1948Charles BartonIMDB Database page about Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein
Stage 06 [Lon Chaney Jr's transformation to the Wolfman, Staircase to basement], Stage 15 [Hotel Room set], Stage 17 [Lab set], Stage 19 [House of Horrors set], Stage 22 [Insurance Office set] at Universal.
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Based on Courthouse Square, this series also filmed in the Chicken Ranch, on Colonial Street, on Elm Street, in the Underwater Tank and on Stage 05, Stage 06, Stage 18, Stage 19, Stage 20 at Universal.

Studio Specifications


Stage 19

  • Area (sq.ft.):9934
  • Length (feet):144
  • Width (feet):74
  • Height (feet-inches):27-10
  • Floor Material:Wood over concrete sub floor
  • Pits/Tanks (LxWxH):Niche: 38×19 inches
  • Door Openings (WxH):E11-11×18-0, W11-10×16-10