Seen on Screen: Universal Studios Hollywood [Stage_16]

Jurassic Park [Feature Film]1993Steven SpielbergIMDB Database page about Jurassic Park
Stage 12 (Visitor Centre), Stage 16, Stage 23 [park maintenance shed], Stage 24 [visitors centre kitchen when velociraptors attack], Stage 27 [Ford Explorer falling through tree (suspended on cables), Brachiosaurus visiting cast in a tree in the morning, Nedry's encounter with a Spitter, attack on Muldoon], Stage 28 (Computer Control room and hatchery)
Meet the Fockers [Feature Film]2004Jay RoachIMDB Database page about Meet the Fockers
Stage 01, Stage 16, Stage 25, Stage 36


Stage 16

  • Area (sq.ft.):11520
  • Length (feet):144
  • Width (feet):80
  • Height (feet-inches):28-8
  • Floor Material:Wood over concrete sub floor
  • Pits/Tanks (LxWxH):E20-0x10-0x9-0
  • Distributed Load: 500PSF, Point Load: 7000LBS
  • Door Openings (WxH):W14-4×17-10, S24-0x19-10, E12-3×19-10