Stage 01 – The Jack Benny Stage

Stage 1 was home to one of the first TV shows shot at Universal: ‘The Jack Benny Show’, which was filmed on Stage 1 between 1961 and 1965 when its run ended. Although it wasn’t the first show (‘Leave it to Beaver’ was shot at Universal from 1959) it may have been the first with a live studio audience.
The stage was specifically constructed for audience participation TV shows between 1959 and 1961 following MCA’s takeover of the studio property (when it was known as Revue Studios). Until it was refurbished in 2008, the original control booth from live TV broadcasts still existed inside.
In August 2007 plans were announced to demolish the original Stage 1 and rebuild it to a higher specification for the high profile ‘Tonight Show’, presented at the time by Jay Leno. The show was previously filmed at NBC Studios in Burbank, and as Stage 1 is the nearest stage to the main entrance to the lot, it proved to be an ideal venue for the show.
As well as a re-built multi-purpose stage (configured in theater layout for shows with a live audience) there is now an audience reception area and production offices

From Hollywood Today article (16 August 2007):
Stage One held many great Universal movies and TV shows. It was constructed in 1961 as one of the first major additions following MCA’s takeover of the studio property. It was specifically built to be the home of the then popular Jack Benny Show, which was produced there until it went off the air in 1965. For many years after, it continued to be known as “The Jack Benny Stage.” The TV show “Knight Rider,” used Stage One, as did the movies “Jurassic Park III,” “Hulk” and “Bruce Almighty.”

Photo Gallery (before 2007)


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March 2008 – Construction of the new Stage 1 extension, audience facilities, offices and dressing rooms.

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