Permanent Interior Sets


As well as exterior sets built on studio backlots, some studios have semi-permanent interior sets of frequently-used locations.
These are usually modular, with wild walls which can be removed to enable cameras and other equipment to move around as required. 

The White House – Oval Office

Warner Bros in California has/had a permanent set that was originally built for the film Dave (1992). This was also used in Hot Shots Part Deux (1993) and Clear and Present Danger (1994). [?Stage 11, 12, 18, 22, 25]

A set built for The American President was also used in 1600 Penn, National Treasure Book of Secrets, The West Wing, Nixon and Independence Day


October Studios near Norwich in the UK has a replica of the Oval Office, designed to look as it did during Richard Nixon’s presidency, which was built for Watergate in 2018. The production centre is built on a former RAF base. 
News article on the BBC website


The House of Commons

Originally at Wimbledon Studios, this set was built for First Among Equals (1986) at Granada Studios in Manchester, where it appeared as part of the Granada Studios Tour (1989-1999, now closed). It was regularly used in TV shows such as The New Statesman (1987-1992). It was later bought by scriptwriter Paul Abbott (to save it from destruction) and used in his BBC serial State of Play. Following this he put it into storage in a barn before being moved to Wimbledon Studios where it was used in The Iron Lady. It was removed following studio refurbishments in 2015 and it’s not known currently whether the set is in storage or has been destroyed.

Paris Opera House

Built for The Phantom of the Opera in 1924, this set was permanently in Universal’s Stage 28 until the stage was demolished in 2014. The opera house sets are believed to be in storage. 

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