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Totally Nickelodeon
(1997 to May 2000)

Based in the Panasonic Theater, adjacent to the Warlord Tower, which later became the Nickelodeon Blast Zone (in April 2001). The show was replaced by the Rugrats Magic Adventure, and is now the home of Shrek 4D.


Get ready to be Green Slimed, because Universal Studios Hollywood and the "number one network for kids," Nickelodeon, have joined forces to create a live interactive Gak-filled experience like no other, Totally Nickelodeon.

Whether it's dumping a TV dinner on a couch potato, crossing an aerial bridge, collecting sweaty socks, rescuing Alex Mack or building the better Good Burger -- Totally Nickelodeon is big fun… and you're in control.

From the moment you step in to the all-new interactive Totally Nickelodeon Theatre you'll understand that it's kids who have the upper hand with talk of Nicktoons, Gak, Rugrats and, of course, Green Slime.

An interactive adventure designed to appeal to the entire family, Totally Nickelodeon is big fun!

One of the highlights of this colourful show was the placing of two parents into carts and dressing them as hamburgers, before their offspring try to balance ketchup, tomato, lettuce and special sauce on their heads to complete the burger! (April 1999)

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