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Productions shot at BBC Elstree Centre

Feature Film (1)
The Elusive Pimpernel (aka The Fighting Pimpernel)1950Michael Powell, Emeric PressburgerIMDB Database page about The Elusive Pimpernel (aka The Fighting Pimpernel)

TV Series (17)
David Walliams Wall Of Fame2011Various
Bamzooki2004-2010 Rupert HarrisIMDB Database page about Bamzooki
Holby City1999 - VariousIMDB Database page about Holby City
The main BBC office block features as the hospital. The series that Holby City span-off from (Casualty) was filmed at studios in Bristol (Series 1 to 26).
The Ink Thief1994Paul SpringerIMDB Database page about The Ink Thief
Shot around the backlot at BBC Elstree Centre
Kilroy1986-2004IMDB Database page about Kilroy
Eastenders1985 - VariousIMDB Database page about Eastenders
Auf Wiedersehen, Pet1983 - 1985VariousIMDB Database page about Auf Wiedersehen, Pet
This Central TV (formerly ATV) production filmed on the backlot as well as in the studios at Elstree. The building site location is now the site of the permanent Albert Square set for Eastenders. The show was filmed here for the first series only.
Grange Hill1978-2008Phil RedmondIMDB Database page about Grange Hill
1985 - 2002: Production was based at BBC Elstree. The BBC had bought the site the previous year. Neptune House was featured as the lower school exterior, simplifying production.
The Muppet Show1976-1981VariousIMDB Database page about The Muppet Show
Shot between 1976 and 1980 in Studio D, using Philips cameras. The final production day was Friday 22nd August 1980.
Inigo Pipkin (aka Pipkins)1973 - 1981Dorothy Denham, Pembroke DuttsonIMDB Database page about Inigo Pipkin (aka Pipkins)
UFO1970-1Gerry Anderson, Sylvia AndersonIMDB Database page about UFO
The office block featured in the title sequence is Neptune House at the former ATV Studios, now BBC Elstree Centre. It also features in Holby City.
This is Tom Jones1969-1971VariousIMDB Database page about This is Tom Jones
The Liberace Show1969Norman CampbellIMDB Database page about The Liberace Show
It Must Be Dusty1968Michael KentIMDB Database page about It Must Be Dusty
Top of the Pops1964-2016IMDB Database page about Top of the Pops
1991 - 2001: Elstree filming of TOTP took place on 4 stages, nicknamed John, Paul, George and Ringo. The show moved to the Riverside Studios in Hammersmith when EastEnders needed to expand as they started showing the soap four times a week.
Doctor Who (classic)1963 - 1989VariousIMDB Database page about Doctor Who (classic)
HG Wells' Invisible Man1958-1960IMDB Database page about HG Wells

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