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Location: Exeter,
Devon UK
Born: 1969
Fan of: Theme parks,
movies, technology
Day job: Technical Manager at University of Exeter Department of Drama

Loved movies and special effects since I was very young. Only got to visit USH for the first time in 2001, but fell in love with the place, and wanted to find out more about the history and the technology of Universal. When I discovered there really wasn't anything published, I thought about writing a book, and then realised that was far too complicated, so in September 2005, this site was born. Many thanks to all the contributors, to whom this page is dedicated!

Jon - creator and curator of this site
Jon - creator and curator of this site

Scott Weller
Contributor to Jaws page
and site co-designer

Location: Waihi Beach, NZ
Born: 1985
Fan of: JAWS
Day job: Graphic Designer

Born in Gravesend, England 1985; moved to New Zealand in 2005. I've been to Universal Studios Hollywood twice in my life, the first trip being in '91 and lastly ten years later in 2001; I will definitely return again another day. I obviously have a lot of interest in the JAWS part of the studio tour and I've made a tribute web site dedicated to it. I’d like to thank Jon for making this brilliant site; it’s been a pleasure making a contribution.

Scott - Jaws Supremo
Scott - Jaws Supremo

Font of much knowledge

Location: Canada
Born: 1943
Fan of: Universal
Day job: Retired
Hobbies: photoshop, imagemodeler, model making, universal studios collection, technical drawings of movie sets.
(NB: photo is of son of universalstonecutter
when he was around 20)

Son of Dennis
Son of Dennis

Christian & Erin

Sherman Oaks, CA
Born: 1983 and 1984,
both in Torrance, CA
Fan of: the ever-changing Studio Tour! Also, big big fans of Psycho and everything Hitchcock.
Day jobs: Bartending in Los Angeles in a luxury movie theater, students

Can't count the number of times we've visited Universal. Christian has been going every year for his birthday since the age of three. I had been once in the early 1990's and once in the late 1990's. When we met three years ago, Christian re-introduced me to Universal and took me for my 19th birthday. We got free annual passes that year. When they ran out we bought premium annual passes, and we just renewed them again for another 18 months. We visit at least once a week, usually just to ride the tour.

Christian and Erin in front of the Psycho House
Christian and Erin in front of the Psycho House

Devon [NFBVacancy]

Location: Downtown LA
Born: 1986
Fan of: USH & horror movies
Day job: Student

I'm 20 yrs old, live in downtown LA with my girlfriend. I am going to OTIS college of art and design majoring in Illustration and Animation. I love drawing, horror movies and true crime.
I have a huge horror movie collection and huge collection of actual true crime items from serial killers.
I love Universal Studios Hollywood, I've been going since before I can remember. I have a Universal Studios Hollywood collection from things I have gotten from the park, my favorite item is my video of my family and I when I was about 6 years old doing the Star Trek Adventure and my fav part of the park is the original Psycho House.
I usually go to the park at least once a month, sometimes more.


Charlie Gonzales [universalcitycharlie]

Location: Tempe, AZ
Born: 1974
Fan of: Universal Studios Hollywood
Day job: US Airlines

I grew up on television and I wanted to know who, what, and where those Sunday one hour T.V. shows like Knight Rider, A-Team, Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers (and the list goes on and on) were coming from. Once I found out I was hooked!
First time I visited USH was around 1980. I fell in love with the place and everything about it. From falling rocks, laser zapping Cylons, a burning house, a huge shopping cart, ketchup & mustard bottle the size of a car, the collapsing bridge, a spinning ice tunnel, and always my favorite, the Psycho House!
My last visit as a child was in 1992. Presently I visit about 2 times a month to make up for lost time. :)
And people always ask, "Don't you ever get bored of Universal??" The answer is NEVER.
I am very happy there is a website like this where people have the passion for movie magic and everything that is UNIVERSAL STUDIOS! Enjoy!!

Charlie and friend
Charlie and friend

This page contains some information about the contributors to this site, in no particular order, so we can all get to know each other. To add yourself to this page, please email jon [at] studiotour [dot] com with your forum nickname (register there first if you've not already) and information to go under the headings.