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Entrance to the Studio Tour, April 2006
The Studio Tour

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Latest Additions to the Tour:
King Kong 360 3-D
The Fast and the Furious: Extreme Close-Up
King Kong: Model Ship
Transportation Department
Jurassic Park Dinosaurs
Press Release for Summer 2006 updates

GlamorTrams (1964 - 1983)
SuperTrams (1983 - 2000)
Current Trams (2000 - present)

The tour has always been at the heart of Universal Studios Hollywood. From 1915 when visitors sat on bleachers for 25 cents, via the 1964 introduction of pink and white GlamorTrams, to the current technological sophistication, the behind-the-scenes view of a working movie studio has been a key attraction. During the early years of the tram tour (1964 - 1977) all of the attractions at Universal were reached via the tram. With the introduction of the Screen Test Comedy Theater and the Animal Actors stage in 1977, the Upper Lot became an attraction in itself.

The tour originally departed from the Upper Lot. In 1991, it was moved to the Lower Lot following the construction of the Starway escalator system. In 1996 it moved back to the Upper Lot to make room for Jurassic Park River Adventure on the Lower Lot.

As the movie studio continues to evolve, the tour evolves alongside it. In late 1989, CD players finally gave the tour guides a chance to rest their voices. In 2000, the CD players were replaced by DVD players and LCD screens, allowing the tour guides to show clips from the movies as the tram passes the locations.

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