Warner Bros Backlot – Laramie Street

Dates: 1957 – 2004

This classic Western Street was demolished in 2004 to make way for the Warner Village residential sets.

Seen on Screen: Warner Bros Studios [Laramie_St]

High Noon [Feature Film]1952Fred ZinnemannIMDB Database page about High Noon
Laramie Street
Cheyenne [TV Series]1955-1963IMDB Database page about Cheyenne
Stage 25, Laramie Street on the backlot
The Left Handed Gun [Feature Film]1958Arthur PennIMDB Database page about The Left Handed Gun
Laramie Street, Stage 02, Stage 27, Stage 27A, Stage 28, Stage 28A
Bonanza [TV Series]1959 - 1973IMDB Database page about Bonanza
Studio base 1970-1973
Laramie Street
F-Troop [TV Series]1965 - 1967Richard M. BluelIMDB Database page about F-Troop
Laramie Street on the backlot
Kung Fu [TV Series]1972Ed Spielman, Herman MillerIMDB Database page about Kung Fu
Stage 16 (known as Stage 7), Stage 21, Stage 22, Stage 27. Also the Jungle set on the backlot had bamboo planted so it would provide a suitable backdrop for this series. Laramie Street was also featured.
Westworld [Feature Film]1973Michael CrichtonIMDB Database page about Westworld
Laramie Street on the backlot.
Blazing Saddles [Feature Film]1974Mel BrooksIMDB Database page about Blazing Saddles
Stage 15, Stage 28, Laramie Street on the backlot
Little House on the Prairie [TV Series]1974 - 1983VariousIMDB Database page about Little House on the Prairie
Laramie Street
The Shootist [Feature Film]1976Don SiegelIMDB Database page about The Shootist
Midwest Street and Laramie Street on the backlot
The Dukes of Hazzard [TV Series]1979-1985Gy WaldronIMDB Database page about The Dukes of Hazzard
Stage 20, Stage 28, Stage 28A, Midwest Street, Laramie Street on the backlot.
The Fall Guy [TV Series]1981-1986Glen A. LarsonIMDB Database page about The Fall Guy
Laramie Street
North and South [TV Series]1985IMDB Database page about North and South
Laramie Street
Star Trek: The Next Generation [TV Series]1987 - 1994VariousIMDB Database page about Star Trek: The Next Generation
Laramie Street
The Last Samurai [Feature Film]2003Edward ZwickIMDB Database page about The Last Samurai
Stage 15. Stage 19, Jungle Set (doubled for Tokyo, Japan). New York Street and Laramie Street sets were also featured.