Warner Bros - Stage 26

Stage 26 Plaque (March 2008)
Stage 26 Plaque (March 2008)

Constructed 1935



Seen on Screen: Warner Bros Studios [Stage 26]

The Charge of the Light Brigade [Feature Film]1936Michael CurtizIMDB Database page about The Charge of the Light Brigade
Stage 12, Stage 16, Stage 18, Stage 25, Stage 26, Stage 27, Stage 27A
Jezebel [Feature Film]1938William WylerIMDB Database page about Jezebel
Stage 01, Stage 04, Stage 11, Stage 20, Stage 21, Stage 24, Stage 26
The Roaring Twenties [Feature Film]1939Raoul WalshIMDB Database page about The Roaring Twenties
Stage 16 (exterior of the stage features as a wine warehouse), Stage 19, Stage 20, Stage 24, Stage 26, Stage 27, Stage 27A
East of Eden [Feature Film]1955Elia KazanIMDB Database page about East of Eden
Stage 14, Stage 17, Stage 26, Kings Row, Midwest Street on the backlot
Wait Until Dark [Feature Film]1967Terence YoungIMDB Database page about Wait Until Dark
Stage 12, Stage 18, Stage 26, Ashley Boulevard on the backlot
The Waltons [TV Series]1971 - 1981IMDB Database page about The Waltons
Stage 20 and Stage 26, as well as the Waltons House on the Warner Bros backlot.
Gremlins [Feature Film]1984Joe DanteIMDB Database page about Gremlins
Stage 12, Stage 15, Stage 18, Stage 26 at Warner Bros. Chinatown sequence was shot on Hennesy Street on the backlot.
Two and a Half Men [TV Series]2003 - VariousIMDB Database page about Two and a Half Men
Taped in front of a live studio audience on Stage 26.

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