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Midwest Street

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Seen on Screen: Warner Bros Studios [Midwest Street]

East of Eden [Feature Film]1955Elia KazanIMDB Database page about East of Eden
Stage 14, Stage 17, Stage 26, Kings Row, Midwest Street on the backlot
The Music Man [Feature Film]1962Morton DaCostaIMDB Database page about The Music Man
Midwest Street and Kings Row on the backlot served as River City, Iowa. Stage 06, Stage 11, Stage 15, Stage 16 were used for interiors.
The Chase [Feature Film]1966Arthur PennIMDB Database page about The Chase
Midwest Street
Bonnie and Clyde / Bonnie & Clyde [Feature Film]1967Arthur Penn IMDB Database page about Bonnie and Clyde / Bonnie & Clyde
Stage 01, Stage 04, Stage 11, Stage 25, Midwest Street on the Backlot
The Shootist [Feature Film]1976Don SiegelIMDB Database page about The Shootist
Midwest Street and Laramie Street on the backlot
The Dukes of Hazzard [TV Series]1979-1985Gy WaldronIMDB Database page about The Dukes of Hazzard
Stage 20, Stage 28, Stage 28A, Midwest Street, Laramie Street on the backlot.
Growing Pains [TV Series]1985-1992Neal MarlensIMDB Database page about Growing Pains
Stage 02 (1985 - 1987), Midwest Street, Kings Row
Sisters [TV Series]1991 - 1996Ron Cowen, Daniel LipmanIMDB Database page about Sisters
Midwest Street, Stage 08
Jack Frost [Feature Film]1998Troy MillerIMDB Database page about Jack Frost
Midwest Street
The Gilmore Girls [TV Series]2000 - 2007IMDB Database page about The Gilmore Girls
Stage 12, Stage 14, Stage 18 and French Street, Kings Row and Midwest Street on the backlot.
Norbit [Feature Film]2007Brian RobbinsIMDB Database page about Norbit
Dijon Street, Midwest Street
Eastwick [TV Series]2009Maggie FriedmanIMDB Database page about Eastwick
Midwest Street
The Muppets [Feature Film]2011James BobinIMDB Database page about The Muppets
The opening dance number I've Got Everything I Need was shot on Midwest Street on the backlot.
La La Land [Feature Film]2016Damien ChazelleIMDB Database page about La La Land
The backlot is featured extensively, particularly French Street and Midwest Street.


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