Warner Bros - Backlot

French Street


Seen on Screen: Warner Bros Studios [French]

Casablanca [Feature Film]1942Michael CurtizIMDB Database page about Casablanca
Stage 04, Stage 05, Stage 06, Stage 07, Stage 08, Stage 09, Stage 11, Stage 12, Stage 14, Stage 17, Stage 18, Stage 25 and French Street on the backlot.
Small Soldiers [Feature Film]1998Joe DanteIMDB Database page about Small Soldiers
French Street (practical Toy Store built for this movie is still on French Street today)
The Gilmore Girls [TV Series]2000 - 2007IMDB Database page about The Gilmore Girls
Stage 12, Stage 14, Stage 18 and French Street, Kings Row and Midwest Street on the backlot.
La La Land [Feature Film]2016Damien ChazelleIMDB Database page about La La Land
The backlot is featured extensively, particularly French Street and Midwest Street.


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