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King Kong History (1986 - June 1 2008)

1933 - King Kong (Merian C. Cooper) is released with Willis O'Brien as special effects chief technician.
1976 - King Kong (John Guillermin) is released, and provides the inspiration for this attraction.
1984 - Work starts on the attraction at Landmark Entertainment
October 1985 - Sequoia Creative starts work on the Kong figure.
March 18 1986 - Attraction previews at Universal Studios, Hollywood
June 14th 1986 - Public opening at Universal Studios, Hollywood
Late 1986 - MCA (Universal's parent company) takes control of WOR-TV channel 9 and renames it WWOR-TV.
Feb 1st 1990 - News video footage re-made with WWOR-TV news anchor Rolland Smith at the WWOR-TV Studios in Secaucus, NJ.
More about the news footage
1990 - Attraction opens as Kongfrontation at Universal Studios Florida.
September 8, 2002 - Kongfrontation closes in Florida to make room for their version of Revenge of the Mummy dark ride.
2005 - King Kong (Peter Jackson) is released.
June 1 2008 - The entire King Kong attraction destroyed by fire. Only the outer walls of the show building remain. A new attraction will rise from the ashes.

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A news chopper is Kong's first victim. Will more follow?