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Greens Department / Jurassic Park

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As the tram tour progresses, it's becoming clearer that all is not what it seems. The centuries-old trees here appear to contain steel structures and trunks made from fiberglass. Amongst the greenery, there's a display of vehicles and props from the Jurassic Park movies.

Jurassic Park vehicle - March 2003
Jurassic Park debris in March 2003, photo by Doug Bull (Flickr site)

Jurassic Park vehicles 1
Jurassic Park vehicles
(Photo by Chris Mearing, April 2003)
Jurassic Park vehicles 2
Jurassic Park vehicles and cages (April 2006)

As well as vehicles and props, a couple of the stars of the Jurassic Park film have recently started making an appearance in this area...

Dino Attack
Photo courtesy of Chris Barr,, July 2006

Spitter - click to download video
NEW: Video of new addition to this area
(June 9th 2006)
Quicktime movie: 3Mb

UPDATE: 27 May 2006 - The animatronic spitter dinos are now in position and ready to attack your tram!

A spitter just after attacking the tram - note the great landscaping around the dinosaur - almost looks real!!
Photo: Erin and Christian, May 30, 2006

Here's a couple of photos just before the dinos made Greens Road their home...

Dinosaur base

...and there's another on the other side of the tram.

Dinosaur base

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