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Some of the items that have been available over the years to visitors to Universal Studios Hollywood.
PLEASE NOTE: These items are no longer available at Universal Studios. The prices are listed here for interest only and are no indication of current or past value!

From 1979:
Universal Studios Shopping Bag logo
Source: Inside Universal Studios Hollywood, 1979

1979 Merchandise
101 Varsity T-Shirts
Short sleeve. 100% cotton. Powder blue with navy or Beige with dark brown flocked letters. Adult sizes S, M, L, XL
102 Navy Jersey
50% cotton / 50% acrylic. Adult sizes S, M, L, XL: $9.95
Children sizes S, M, L: $9.25
103 Long Sleeve V-Neck Sweater
50% creslan acrylic / 50% rayon. Powder blue or camel. Adult sizes S, M, L, XL: $15.95
104 Long Sleeve Sweatshirt
95% cotton / 5% acrylic. Powder blue with navy logo. Adult sizes S, M, L, XL: $9.50
Children sizes S, M, L: $7.95
105 Gym shorts with Universal imprint
Blue or white. Adult sizes XS, S, M, L: $6.00
Item 106
106 Polo shirt with rainbow stripes
50% polyester / 50% cotton Navy with tan collar. Vanilla with navy collar. Adult sizes S, M, L: $15.95
Item 107
107 Natural Jersey with red trim
50% polyester / 50% cotton. Adult sizes S, M, L, XL: $8.50
Children sizes S, M, L: $6.95
Item 108
108 Hollywood 10" Round Plate
After you have them eating out of the palm of your hand, try serving them something on this. $8.00
Item 109
109 Hollywood Stein
For hearty refreshment at your next premiere, this 12 ounce stein is sure to please. $4.00
Item 110
110 Hollywood Tankard
Just the thing for those extra thirsty mornings. This king-size tankard holds a full 16 ounces and features the Hollywood emblem in black on white ivory ceramic. $7.00
Item 111
111 Hollywood Ashtray
You won't find any tell-tale ashes in your plants or on your carpet once you put this smart item on display. 5" diameter. $4.00
Item 112
112 - Hollywood Mug
A cup of good cheer goes a long way in this classic mug made of ivory ceramic.
Item 113
113 - Director's Chair Paperweight.
Keep scripts to be read securely in place with this hefty item.
2" square, 2½" high. $7.50
Item 114
114 - Boxed deck of playing cards
A starring role in your future? It's all in the cards. Blue, brown or black with the Universal Studios logo in gold.
Item 115
115 - Coasters
Don't stop the celebration, but keep it neat with this packet of four durable coasters in assorted colors. 3½" x 3½"
Item 116
116 - Rubber Stunt Rock and Brick
Authentic looking stunt props, just like the ones used in the movies. Either the rock or the brick.
Items 117 - 120
117 - Kitchen Apron
Cotton. Beige with dark brown imprint. $8.00
118 - Kitchen Towel
Terry cloth 14" x 25". Beige with dark brown imprint. $2.50
119 - Trivet Potholder
7½" x 10". Black and white clapboard design. $2.50
120 - Trivet Potholder
Matches apron and towel. Beige with dark brown imprint. $2.50
Item 121
121 - Bath Mat
Keep both feet on the ground with this colorful 100% cotton terry cloth bath mat. A skid proof cushion underneath keeps you on top where you belong. 16½" x 23½". $3.95
Item 122
122 - Beige Beach Towel
You'll be sitting pretty with this giant beach towel, made from 100% cotton terry cloth, imprinted with Universal Studios and Hollywood. 33" x 64". $17.95
Items 123-124

Spencer Sportswear
The uniform of the day for all of the youngsters on your backlot. 100% cotton. Infant sizes - 2, 4, 6, 8

123 - Tank Top: $4.25
124 - Shorts: $4.25


Items 125-126

Unitot Sportswear
Tough togs for your temperamental superstars. 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Infant sizes - 6 mo, 12 mo, 18 mo, 2T, 4T

125 - Navy Gridiron top: $6.50

126 - Navy Sideline shorts: $5.75

Item 127
127 - Ziggy Composite White T-Shirt
Kids love to remember the tour with this colorful T-shirt, featuring the Universal Studios emblem and GlamorTram. 100% cotton. Children's sizes - 2-4, 6-8, 10-12, 14-16: $3.25
Item 128
128 - Clapboard Clipboard
Keep track of those works in progress with this sturdy black acrylic clipboard. 12½" x 9": $8.95
Item 129
129 - Clapboard Mirror
Get ready for action with this 10½" x 12" mirror styled after a real Universal Studios clapboard
Item 130
130 - Tote Bag
Put it in our white vinyl-lined canvas tote and take it with you. Features an outside pocket, two handles and the Universal Studios design in red and blue. $7.95
Item 131
131 - Bronze Ashtray and plate
Add a note of distinction to the gathering with this bronze plate and matching ashtray, each with glass liner. Plate, 6¼" diameter $7.98. Ashtray 3¾" diameter $6.98
Item 132
132 - Universal Studios Tour record album
Take home all of the excitement of your visit to Universal Studios with our Tour album. It includes a stereo LP record of Tour highlights as well as colorful photos of everything you'll want to remember. $6.95
Item 133
133 - Set of 40 slides and a cassette of the Universal Studios Tour
Put your own show together with these high quality slides and sounds from the Tour. $10.95
Item 134
134 - Adult's Satin Jacket
You'll have one of the world's largest motion picture studios behind you when you slip into this nylon satin jacket with the Universal Studios emblem on the back. Colors: navy, red, black.
Adult sizes - S, M, L, XL $33.95
Item 135

View Master Reels Packet #1
21 stereo pictures of Scenic Tour of Universal Studios $2.95

View Master Reels Packet #2
21 stereo pictures of Shows and Special Effects $2.95

Item 136
136 - Child's Satin Jacket
If you've got a budding star at home, keep her under wraps with this baseball-style jacket made from nylon and satin. It's available with the Universal Studios imprint in brown against a peach background or with a navy imprint on a powder blue background.
Junior sizes only - S, M, L - $13.95
Item 137
137 - Universal Studios Pillow
Give yourself something to fall back on with our custom-designed satin pillow. White on black. 10" x 17" $12.00
Item 138
138 - Inside Universal Studios Tour Book
Full color, 36 pages, covering how movies are made, a brief history of Universal Studios, its special effects, animation and Entertainment Center. $2.00
Item 139
139 - 8mm Color Movie of Universal Studios Tour
200 ft (complete Tour coverage) 8mm regular or super $23.95
50ft regular or super $7.95
Item 140
140 Charms
Be true to your studio with these handcrafted charms.
A: Sterling Silver Cameraman
B: Cloisone Clapboard
C: Sterling Silver Director's Chair
D: Sterling Silver Universal Studios Emblem.
Each: $4.95
  141 Collectors Spoons
Meticulously detailed, these handsome spoons are beautiful mementos of your visit. Each comes individually boxed.
A: Embossed sugar scoop - $9.50
B: Silver-plated with camera on handle and enamelled bowl: $7.50
C: Embossed silver plated western scene - $4.95
D: Jeweled spoon with gold-like finish - $2.98
  142 Jumbo Ballpoint Pen
Don't miss an autograph because you forgot your pen. Try ours. It's a whopping 8½" long and features the Universal Studios logo. Available in red, blue, yellow or orange and it comes with 3 refills. $3.65
Item 143
143 Cloisonne Star Pins
Everybody is a star. Our 3" souvenir pin will make sure they don't forget. Choose Hollywood (red) or Universal (blue) $5.00

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