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Mediterranean Square

Postcard showing aerial view of Little Europe area (1990s)

This square was built in 1967 following the Little Europe fire. It faces the Earthquake attraction show building.

Seen on Screen: Universal Studios Hollywood [Mediterranean Square]

Ironside [TV Series]1967-1975Collier YoungIMDB Database page about Ironside
Apartments, Colonial Street, Mediterranean Square, New York Street (as San Francisco). Interiors were shot on Stage 20.
The Magnificent Seven Ride [Feature Film]1972George McCowanIMDB Database page about The Magnificent Seven Ride
Old Mexico, Mediterranean Square
Voyagers! [TV Series]1982-1983James D. ParriottIMDB Database page about Voyagers!
Colonial Street, Denver Street, Little Europe, Train Station, Mediterranean Square, Old Mexico, Square of Warriors, Collapsing Bridge (pilot)
Three Amigos [Feature Film]1986John LandisIMDB Database page about Three Amigos
Mediterranean Square, Old Mexico
Sliders [TV Series]1995-2000Tracy Tormè, Robert K. WeissIMDB Database page about Sliders
Denver Street, Mediterranean Square, Little Europe
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest [Feature Film]2006Gore VerbinskiIMDB Database page about Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man
Mediterranean Square (as tavern in Tortuga, with additional set dressing). Stage 23, Stage 24, Stage 28 and Stage 12 (tropical island village / Singapore) were also used.


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