Universal Studios Hollywood

The rides and attractions at Universal Studios are unique - many have moved the field of attraction design forward, and to reflect that, there are a whole host of patents to protect the rights of the inventors of the ride systems.

Below are listed some patents relating to specific ground-breaking attractions at Universal parks

Jurassic Park River Adventure
Anti-rollback system
Final dinosaur reveal (Universal Orlando)

Back to the Future: The Ride - Ride system

Terminator 2: 3D
Live actors through screen
Projection system
Seat drop system
Simulated weapons used by robots

Waterworld - Seaplane launch

Men in Black (Universal Orlando) - Ride System

Poseidon's Fury (Universal Orlando)
Set transformation effect

Amazing Adventures of Spiderman (Universal Orlando)
Ride Vehicle
3D Projection image correction system

Twister! Ride It Out (Universal Orlando)
Amusement attraction with man-made tornado

Duelling Dragons (Universal Orlando) - Control system

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