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K.I.T.T. Knight Rider Car (?1984 - ?1995)

KITT in 1988
K.I.T.T. in 1988 - Photo courtesy of Cathie O'Dea, London UK

Sit in KITT, the car from Knight Rider, ask him/it questions and receive accurate responses!

Knight Rider the TV show ran from 1982 - 1986 over 84 episodes.
His car was called KITT (standing for Knight Industries Two Thousand)

The attraction was positioned over a body of water on the Upper Lot just behind what is now the Hollywood Cantina and Flintstones Drive-In. Unfortunately it's all concrete now.

Knight Rider Car - 1991
The Knight Rider Car, 1991
Photo courtesy of Scott Weller

Sitting in KITT - 1991
Scott's brother, Scott and his Dad in 1991
Photo courtesy of Scott Weller

Jason in KITT, 1993
Jason in KITT, 1993
Photo courtesy of

KITT in May 1995
Photo by yeoh_ts, May 1995

Actors posing as policemen watch as the 6000 pound, 20 foot gorilla is lowered into position (December 14 2005 - AP photo by Nick Ut, from the Chicago Tribune)

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