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Halloween Horror Nights (2006)

2006 Attractions

Pavel Pranevsky, aka "The Director" has a Myspace page, Mr Pranevsky has been the subject of a lot of concern and rumour around Universal Studios since the reported disappearance of a visitor some time ago. It's understood he will be allowed to publicise his new film during the event, and may even be shooting on the back lot during Halloween Horror Nights.

Video from The Director to publicise 2006 Halloween Horror Nights.

Video clip of Halloween Horror Nights Auditions, including a short interview with John Murdy (Creative Director) when he states guests will be on foot at the Bates Motel, Psycho House and War of the Worlds Crash Site encountering some very scary zombies. (If you're squeamish, watch out for some of the more scary auditions...)

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The Director
– Universal Studios Hollywood, The Entertainment Capital of LA,  will blur the line between frightful illusion and grim reality with its presentation of ”Halloween Horror Nights” beginning Friday the 13th of October.  The event will be helmed by “The Director” ― a sociopathic cinematic auteur – who will convert Universal’s working studio backlot and the theme park’s most popular rides and attractions into terrifyingly realistic settings for an intense and enveloping vision of mayhem.  By creating the ambiance of a true “horror genre” production, “The Director”  will set the stage for a transformative horror experience. Universal Studios Hollywood presents Halloween Horror Nights on Oct. 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28 and 31. More information at
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