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Universal Studios Hollywood

About This Site

First online in September 2005, this site has evolved (and continues to do so) over the last few years. It all started with a conversation with Universal Studios Hollywood employees about the history of the park. It turns out there was no written, detailed history of the theme park. Obviously plenty of authors have tackled the history of Universal the movie studio, but no-one had concentrated on the theme park.

The information on this site has been harvested from the four corners of the internet, along with numerous guide books, postcards and leaflets produced by Universal Studios Hollywood ("USH") since 1915. Additional references from past employees and visitors have filled in gaps and brought some more mysterious attractions and live shows slightly more into focus. However, many murky periods remain, so please use the forum to make any corrections, or email me direct with your thoughts.

In time, more detailed information about the workings of the various rides and attractions will be added as this is my primary area of interest.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay at Universal Studios Hollywood!


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