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Twickenham Film Studios

Twickenham Film Studios in 1930s (from Twickenham Film Studios website)Twickenham Film Studios is a film studio located in St Margarets, London, England used by many motion picture and television companies. It was established in 1913 by Dr. Ralph Jupp on the site of a former ice-rink. At the time of its original construction, it was the largest film studio in the United Kingdom.





Threatened Closure

February 2012: Local newspapers have announced that Twickenham Film Studios is to be put up for sale.

7 June 2012: Sky News reports that Twickenham Film Studios has been saved from closure. Following a celebrity-backed campaign, a mystery buyer has paid the administrators Begbie Traynor 10% of the purchase price and has exchanged contracts.

(Please note - although many news sources have picked up the fact that some post-production work took place on movies such as Blade Runner and Cry Freedom at Twickenham, they were not filmed at the studios)