Sony Pictures Studios - Stage 30

This large stage and tank was used for the Esther Williams water musicals in the 1930s. It takes 4 days to fill the 721,400 gallon tank

Seen on Screen: Sony Pictures Studios [Stage 30]

Hook [Feature Film]1991Steven SpielbergIMDB Database page about Hook
The Jolly Roger pirate ship was built full scale on Stage 30
Cast Away [Feature Film]2000Robert ZemeckisIMDB Database page about Cast Away
Stage 30
Men in Black II [Feature Film]2002Barry SonnenfeldIMDB Database page about Men in Black II
Stage 15, Stage 30
Spider-Man [Feature Film]2002Sam RaimiIMDB Database page about Spider-Man
The Thalberg Building on the Sony lot is used as the school that Peter Parker graduates from. The Columbia Pictures sign is covered with a Wildcats banner, and the palm trees either side of the door have been removed. Stage 15 and Stage 30 were also used.
Zathura [Feature Film]2005Jon FavreauIMDB Database page about Zathura
The house set was built on a moving platform called a gimbal in the huge tank on Stage 30, to achieve an earthquake effect.
Spider-Man 3 [Feature Film]2007Sam RaimiIMDB Database page about Spider-Man 3
The 7 month shooting schedule occupied seven soundstages at Sony, including the massive Stage 15 (used for the Daily Bugle offices and then simultaneously the Osborn den & balcony and Peter Parkers apartment). Stage 27 was used for 2nd unit and VFX shooting, along with the climactic Final Battle sequence. Stage 30 was also used (Subway set).
Iron Man 2 [Feature Film]2010Jon FavreauIMDB Database page about Iron Man 2
Stage 30
Oh Sit! [TV Series]2012Deena Dill, Philip Gurin, Richard JoelIMDB Database page about Oh Sit!
Stage 30
The Dark Knight Rises [Feature Film]2012Christopher NolanIMDB Database page about The Dark Knight Rises
The batcave interior was shot on Stage 30 at Sony Pictures Studios.

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